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Meet Women Food Enterpreneur Tasnim Manaf Mandsorwala from Vadodara

I was a shy, quiet girl throughout my youth. Always by my mother’s side. A typical daughter of a mother. When I switched schools, it was a watershed moment in my life. My parents and brothers have always been and continue to be supportive and encouraging of me in all circumstances.

I am always blessed with nice friends because of my kind and helpful character. I am a driven individual who has always desired to be self-sufficient. As a result, I began working while I was in my teens. I taught classes and worked part-time as a pager operator while studying, and as soon as I graduated, I began my free training in medical transcription with a good stipend, which was a completely new concept at the time. Meanwhile, I married and relocated from Ahmedabad to Vadodara. 20 years back it was totally a different scenario. At the time, Baroda was nothing like today’s Vadodara.

Then I became involved with my family, but I felt as if I had lost my individuality. Still, there was always the possibility of restarting my career and proving myself.
Life presents you with opportunities, and I took use of them. It was a return with a thud. I started a new career as a Medical Transcriptionist, but had to resign due to various duties. Then I decided to develop a home-based business so that I could manage both my house and my business, and I started my Lucknowi business in collaboration with the help of my husband and family. We began putting on exhibitions not only in Vadodara, but also in other towns and states.

Tasnaz Lucknowi Creations has been dealing in all forms of Lucknowi clothing wear since 2015, and we’ve done exceptionally well in our area.
I never imagined that life would take a turn for the better and present me with the opportunity to establish my second business, food catering. I’m a big foodie who cooks a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods for my kids and family because I want to provide them with the most hygienic cuisine possible. They have always been grateful to me. It became into a passion for me over time. I became really immersed in it. I also performed live cooking show with Amul. As a Home chef, they offer a flavor of India on their Facebook page.

In 2019, one of my friends suggested that I turn my passion for cooking into a business, and during the pandemic, home chefs and home cooked food were in high demand, so with the encouragement and support of my family and friends, I began accepting orders for authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food catering @ Mejbaani by Tas… And it turned out to be a wise choice. I had never looked back since I began my two businesses. I am always grateful to The Almighty for always showering his blessings on me and assisting me in reaching my goals, despite my life’s ups and downs. This is also important in order to strengthen you from the inside out.

Life wasn’t always simple, but I’ve always believed that accepting one’s circumstances, waiting for the proper moment, and seizing opportunities leads to success. The race is won by going slowly and steadily.
My goal is to grow both my business and my personal brand by utilizing social media platforms.

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