Why Meditate ?

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Meditation in the state of consciousness that can be understood only on a direct intuitive level. Ordinary experiences a limited by time space and law of casualty but the meditative state transcends all boundaries. Meditation provides a lasting spiritual rest which must be experienced to be understood once you can meditate you can put your mind and body into a complete state of rest by reducing heart rate and consumption of oxygen, meditation greatly reduces the stress level. Also reduces the degenerative nature of our brain cells as we get old. It reduces to great level stress, anxiety and level of depression. Coming to mental benefit it creates new pattern of thinking and develop positive thinking in a person. Negative tendencies vanish and mind become steady.
Plays a very important role in mental health of a person.
Now no one can teach you how to meditate because it’s your personal experience which you need to develop with time someone like to meditate over breath, someone with music or sound other by counting numbers or breath, so look for something which you can stick to for better concentration.


  • Do not abruptly change your way of life. Begin to evolve bit by bit, thus developing your willpower.
  • Keep spritual diary it may prove to be a eye opener it is a simple practice or aid to help you to be regular and monitor your practice of meditation.
  • Write down your daily experience in that spiritual diary while meditating it can be different in different days.
  • Choose an area in your home to be used only for meditation a separate room or a space which is not used very commonly and try and use that place everyday for meditation.
  • Begin by sitting for meditation for 15 minutes in a day you can keep a alarm for 15 minutes try not to open your eyes for those 15 minutes let your thoughts flow its difficult to concentrate in the initial days slowly try and increase the time period by 5 minutes every week or 10 days.
  • Consciously regulate the breath with each passing day you can begin with few rounds of the breathing then follow by equal number of inhalation and exhalation just to follow a rhythm.
  • Select a point of concentration within yourself that can be between your eyebrows sent your heart your navel
  • Most important only you can you evaluate whether you are making progress there are no objective test or guideline.
  • You can use guided meditations through different apps like Sattva, Art of living or YouTube channels to build the habit.

By :

Ankita Sinha

Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor

Clinical and Diabetic Nutrition Expert

Insta : ankitayoga_fittr

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