Why does someone get cancer?

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Most of the time, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause, but of all the cancer patients that come to us, these are the top 6 commonalities that we find in most of them –

▪️Chronic constipation –

When you are chronically constipated, you tend to store toxic waste into your system that is meant to be expelled out. Particularly in women, when things get clogged up in the colon, estrogen (a female hormone) which is supposed to be passed out now gets backed up into our system producing Estrogen Dominant Cancers like breast cancer.

▪️Acidity –

Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. An acidic body allows a tumor to grow bigger and provides a breeding ground for almost all viruses, pathogens and bacteria. Having said that, our body needs to strike the right balance with acidic and alkaline foods to maintain an appropriate pH value, so dont follow the alkaline fad & overdo on alkaline foods.

▪️Poor emotional health –

Almost every cancer case can be linked back to an extremely stressful event that took place in a patient’s life, 6 months – 12 months (or even longer) before they got diagnosed with cancer. Just like toxic wastes, toxic emotions need to be vented out too. Learn to accept, forgive & let go.

▪️Lack of sleep –

Most cancer patients have slept less for the majority of their life. When we sleep; we produce a hormone called Melatonin, which is also known as an Anti-cancer hormone. While we sleep, melatonin helps boost immunity, the first and last line of defense, not just for cancer, but for any ailment.

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▪️Sedentary lifestyle –

Not moving enough leads to weight issues, acidity, sluggish lymphatic drainage (hence toxic accumulation), constipation and feeling low most of the times as exercise stimulate production of feel-good hormones.

▪️Low water intake –

Majority of health issues can be prevented just by drinking the right amount of water. Low water can mean low immunity, constipation, acidity, poor brain health and low energy levels.

Sharing this to create awareness. So many people are living with these issues & just because it doesn’t really affect their day to day lives drastically, they think it’s nothing & that it’s okay to live with it. They just pop a pill to suppress the symptom, without getting to the root cause.

If you feel that this might be you, then seek help and change your lifestyle before its too late.

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