What role does technology play as a new form of health advisor?

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The use of digital technology in healthcare is having a significant impact on our lives as well as the overall medical process and practices. ‘Technology’ has become a buzzword that you can’t avoid because it’s all around you. The role of technology is impeccable, just as our reliance on it in the form of using mobile phones, the internet, or technologies to simplify our daily activities. Aside from the numerous areas where technological innovation has enhanced human lives, serving as a health counsellor is noteworthy and should not be disregarded. Let us know how technology play a role as health advisor

Let’s find out why technology can rightly be called a new health advisor?

Fitness advisor –

Fitness mobile apps and wearable gadgets played the role of transformers in the fitness industry. In just a few clicks you can get access to the best workout instructions by a qualified instructor at a reasonable price to get you fit and motivated. The wearable gadgets like watches and wristbands for instance (FitBit Flex, Samsung Gear2) accumulate data through motion sensors while monitoring the health of the wearer. Awareness is the key to bring massive change and here social media played an instrumental role in escalating fitness content thereby influencing fitness among people.

Health Advisor through telecom technology –

Lack of medical facility and hospital-related services is still a major concern in the remote areas, here telemedicine or telehealth proved as a savior in various cases of emergency. Telemedicine or telehealth is a two-way video consultation to monitor symptoms and vital signs remotely. Through telehealth, patients can virtually connect with their doctors through their computers. As per the research, this service proved to reduce the expenses related to per doctor visit.

Mobiles as a health advisor –

The power of internet connectivity on reasonable rates, has made it possible to get access to the internet and became a mass appeal for many even in remote areas which were like a dream a few years back. Through the supremacy of simple mobile apps, real-time report and data sharing with a doctor or medical practitioner are easily possible. Many mobile apps are under the process of development to identify the early signs of stress and depression.  Through these mobile applications, there has been revolutionary ease in process follow-up appointments thus by comforting patients as a result.

Artificial Intelligence as health advisor –

Due to sedentary lifestyle, behavior change, and poor health is at their peak across the globe and considered as the major risk factor for various diseases. One of the most effective methods to achieve a solution for this issue is through realistic motivational guidance through instructional videos. This is where be-spoke user- interfaces and AI Technology play a vital role to leverage thoughtfully designed applications and devices to get the desired solutions for this serious concern.

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