Tips for Busy Women on Fitness

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Women are expected to manage not only their houses, but also a variety of other tasks, and to do so well. As a result, striking a balance has become critical.

Now, we’re not advising you to become superwomen and achieve success in everything you do. Humanly speaking, this is impossible. Everyone has limitations, and women, in particular, should recognise that they will never be able to please everyone at home or at work.

For busy women, it is sometimes important to be selfish and devote some time to their health in order to retain their inner calm. As a result, busy women must set aside time during the day to care for themselves, both physically and mentally. We give to you, in this post, a few basic recommendations that can help you keep fit even while you are engrossed in the craziness of your demanding schedule.

What are the Benefits of Fitness for Busy Women?

“Do you workout every day?” you may ask a woman. “I run around so much in the house/office,” is the most prevalent response. That is my workout!” “I’m so stressed out that I don’t have time!” is another typical excuse. And, let’s face it, the majority of you have probably used at least one of these justifications. The reasons given by busy women for not paying attention to their fitness are the same reasons why they should be paying attention to it in the first place. The following are some of the reasons:

Stress – Stress is associated with personal and professional goals, as well as the necessity to accomplish them on time. Working 9-5 at the office while finishing tasks at home takes a toll on the body and mind. Many women lack the stamina to maintain a work-life balance in such situations. In other circumstances, stress levels continue to rise until the volcano finally erupts, resulting in negative consequences that may disrupt personal and professional relationships.

It is well knowledge that exercise releases endorphins, or feel-good hormones, which can help you cope with daily stressors.

Disorders associated with a busy lifestyle — Although busy women have a lot to do during the day, their work is often limited to sitting at a desk. As a result, a sedentary lifestyle develops. Obesity, hypertension, hypothyroidism, PCOD/PCOS, and other lifestyle-related disorders can develop if you don’t exercise regularly. According to a poll by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOC-HAM), 68 percent of working women between the ages of 21 and 52 are affected by lifestyle diseases.

These illnesses are chronic and can lead to more serious health problems. Lifestyle-related disorders can also be reversed if you modify your habits!

Aspects of Physiology – Women and men labour in the same environment. Biological and psychological variations between men and women, however, mean they pose significant health risks. Throughout their lives, women go through several physiological stages that have an impact on their health. Whether it’s a marriage, pregnancy, or the monthly menstruation cycle, a busy lady must navigate through them all, and this necessitates them being fit!

10 Exercise Suggestions for Busy Women

Here are few strategies to help you stay in shape not just physically but also mentally.

Make a Workout Schedule

You should make it a point to reserve some dedicated time for yourself to work out. It is true that you are busy and have hundreds of things to do in a day but you need to set at least an hour apart for your exercise routine. You can even keep this routine flexible according to your work schedule. That is, supposing you decide to exercise in the morning hours and someday if this is not possible, make it a point to incorporate your workout in the evening. The important part is to not skip your exercise routine.

Eat Mindfully

Sitting at the desk in the office, you are bound to munch on snacks. Most of the time these snacks include junk food which combined with your sedentary lifestyle increases your calorie intake and leads to obesity. Make it a point to munch on healthy snacks. Ditch that bag of chips and eat a fruit instead. Some nuts or dry fruits will also help you satisfy your hunger pangs. Store your house with healthy food so that you are not tempted to eat junk. Minimize the intake of calorie-dense food like chocolates, cookies, and sweets.

Be aware of your water intake

You need to be aware of your water consumption consciously. It is commonly observed that you may forget to hydrate yourself when you are caught up in work. Adequate water intake is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. A very common sign of dehydration is a headache which one may tend to pass off as normal. Nowadays various apps are available that track your water intake and remind you to take your water breaks. You may also invest in a fancy water flask which may motivate you to drink water. Anything that can help replenish your water stores, works!

Remain Active throughout the Day

Get off that glue that sticks you to your chair every day. Take a short walk or stroll around your workplace from time to time. This will keep you active in your otherwise sedentary life. Another thing you can practice is to take a short walk during your lunch break. Engage in light exercises like stretching your back, shoulders, arm rotations, etc while working. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. These things may seem small be they are equally effective in keeping you on your toes and away from your chair!

Set Fitness Objectives

It’s human nature to avoid doing things until and until we’re given a deadline. Set fitness goals for yourself and strive toward them, even if you’re a busy woman. These objectives might be as simple as doing a 30-second plank. You can then expand on these objectives, but the key is to set them in the first place. Also, don’t become disheartened if your goal isn’t met. Try harder next time and never give up!

Keep track of your progress

You are your own source of inspiration. Obtaining external validation and credit for your work should never be a goal. Instead, keep a journal of your journey and you’ll be shocked at how far you’ve come. Allow your accomplishments to serve as incentive. As a result, your development may not be limited to weight loss or physical fitness. When you climb, you may discover that you are no longer exhausted. Take note of these minor changes in yourself. They’ll be counted as progress as well!

Ergonomics should be taken into consideration

Sitting posture, the position of your head, neck, and shoulders when working, the way you place your arms, and other factors should be considered while working, particularly if you will be sitting in one location for an extended period of time. Ergonomics is the science of creating and organizing objects in such a way that they do not put unnecessary strain on the body.

No, you don’t need pricey seats or backrests to accomplish this. You can easily achieve this by purchasing a little cushion that supports your lower back or a computer stand that allows you to work comfortably with your screen at eye level. Straining your body will only reduce your productivity!

Set Physical Challenges for Yourself

As a working woman, you must periodically provide your body with new challenges in order to avoid becoming stuck in a rut. Do something you wouldn’t typically do. These difficulties will give you a sense of accomplishment, and you will be able to build on them in the future. Try running 100 metres or finishing the 100-burpee challenge every now and again. Break your own records and be your own judge!

Relax a bit

Working long hours is sure to affect you, thus your mental health becomes quite vital when you’re a busy woman. Take a break from your work as a result. Take a vacation or a short road trip. Whatever it is that refreshes and rejuvenates you, do it. On weekends, you could even pursue a pastime. This will distract you from your regular worries.

Alternatively, take a day off and lounge in bed on a cold winter morning, sipping hot coffee and reading a book, or binge-watching your favorite Netflix show or K drama! The idea is to disconnect from work and focus on your inner tranquilly.

Maintain a positive attitude

Happiness is a personal experience, and what makes you happy may differ from what makes others happy. To stay calm, you can use practices like yoga, meditation, and contemplative meditation, or you can spend time playing with your child. Do whatever it takes to make “you” happy! Throughout the day, keep smiling and laughing. Tension and worry will always be present in your life, but you must choose to be happy. Look for and be appreciative for the simple things that bring you joy.

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It’s past time for busy women to accept responsibility for their own health and fitness. Keep in mind that your health is an investment, not a cost!

In the comments section below, tell us how useful these fitness tips were for you as a working woman.


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