The impact of an Exercise Routine

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When you exercise ,you are already moving up the ladder toward optimal health.But in order to maximize the benefits of exercise ,it needs to be combined with proper nutrition, sufficient high quality sleep ,stress management and holistic living.

You may think exercise is all about shedding excess pounds and getting toned abs and glutes, but these are fraction of what exercise can do for you – no matter how old you are.Even when initiated later in life , exercise can provide you with profound physical and mental health benefits.

Physical Benefits of Exercise :

Slows down ageing :Your body begins to increase production of cellular energy and new mitochondria ,which may help slow down premature ageing.

Gives you better skin : The increased blood flow from exercising boosts your blood circulation, thereby bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Resistance training can maximize results further , because increasing muscle mass can help your skin appear more taut.

Helps you recover better from chronic disease :

Those affected with chronic conditions such as depression , anxiety ,joint pain and cancer may manage the symptoms better through exercise.

Shrinks your fat cells :

High intensity exercise has been shown to affect gene related to fat metabolism.

Helps shape your immune system:

Staying active as you age may help keep your immune system in top shape by improving its innate and adaptive functions.

May lower COVID -19 mortality risk : Covid 19 patients have a high risk of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Research has shown that exercising may reduce your risk of developing ARDS, which may translate to a lower mortality risk for COVID 19.2.


Boosts your brain health :

Increasing your physical activity helps improve oxygenation in your brain ,which can result in improved cognitive function.

Improves your mood :

Exercise produces neurons in your brain that may help uplift your disposition.



The struggle to stay motivated when exercising by yourself is not uncommon.If you are going through this slump ,you need to make positive changes to get back on track.One of the most effective ways to help you meet your fitness goals is to get a workout partner.

In fact , there are studies that not only support this , but show you may even get as much as double the results you achieve during a fitness session. Researcher from the University of Aberdeen noted that having a partner can help you exercise more by helping you not miss an exercise session, or to exercise a little harder.Furthermore , they found that the partner offering emotional support in addition to the practical support was actually more effective than the practical support alone.


While exercising in general is good for your health ,you can achieve better results if you increase the intensity , even for a small bursts at a time.Published research shows how vigorous exercise may benefit your health in crucial ways , such as boosting your metabolism.

In one study ,test participants were evaluated on how exercise affected their metabolite action.Reasearchers discovered that short bursts of intense exercise produced positive effects to metabolites associated with cardiovascular health and long-term outcome.Those who engage in vigorous exercise also have a lower risk of all-cause mortality compared to those who are moderately active , according to another study.

Here are four tips you can try to make exercising and staying active easier while at home :

Activity Snacks :

Long periods of inactivity should be broken by ” activity snacks” to get your body moving again .You can take a walk around your home or in your neighborhood to reinvigorate yourself.Basking in sunshine while walking is also great to help boost vitamin D production.

Nonexercise Movement :

If you’re not able to take activity snacks , make the effort to move your body around , at the very least . Standing from your chair every 30 minutes and stretching can be a big boon.You can try using a Swiss ball instead of a regular chair if you spend a long time in front of a screen.This device encourages movement to keep your muscles active.

Strengthening exercises : 

You can maintain muscle strength without the need of fancy gym equipments.Exercises such as squats , jumping jacks ,calf raises ,planks and burpees can help you stay fit .

Indoor Exercise

Finding ways to get aerobic exercise at home is as easy as running up and down the stairs .You can also follow along to your favorite workout video .

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