The country’s second glass skywalk bridge built in Rajgir, has been prepared on the lines of China,

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You must have heard many times about the glass bridge in China. Must also see photos and videos. There must have been a desire to watch it closely and walk on it. So, your wish is going to be fulfilled soon. A glass bridge at Rajgir, Bihar, surrounded by five hills, is ready. It will be opened for tourists in the new year. Stay with us to stay updated with every news in Hindi related to the second glass skywalk bridge built in Rajgir.

Like China, Bihar’s first glass bridge (85 feet in length, 06 feet in width) is ready for tourists, people are already captivated. Rajgir, an international tourist destination, attracts a large number of tourists during winter. This time they will experience a different adventure here. Nature safari (in 500 acres) is being made in the dense forests here. This is where you will find the glass sky bridge, which is almost ready. It is made entirely of glass and steel frame.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar visits glass bridge at #Rajgir.

It will be a thrilling experience to walk on this transparent bridge built at a height of 250 feet. Walking on it, people will feel themselves floating in the air. This bridge has been built on the lines of a sky walk at Est Taehang in Hebei Province, China. This is the first bridge in Bihar and the second bridge in the country. The country’s first glass sky bridge is in Polking in Sikkim. Hopefully by March of the new year, it will be opened to the common people.

Built in the foothills of Rajgir’s very ancient Vaibhar Giri mountain, three 15-mm mirrors have been installed in this bridge. The total thickness of the glass in it is 45 mm, which is completely transparent, due to which it will be quite thrilling to walk on it. It is being told that the people walking on it will feel themselves floating in the air. A target has been set to complete it by March of the new year. By the way, according to officials, the construction work of this bridge has been almost completed. At present, the construction work of ladder and other paths and platforms is still going on in the last phase

This glass bridge is built on the lines of a 120-meter-high glass bridge in China. While walking on this bridge, you will be able to easily see the earth below your steps. Let us know that Bihar is going to get a big gift in the new year. Zoo Safari and Nature Safari will be inaugurated under Venuban in Rajgir. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar visited here and inspected it 16 days after assuming the reins of Bihar for the seventh time. This is known as his dream project.

Sky Bridge Rajgir

Officers claim that this bridge is being built on the lines of the Sky Walk Bridge at Est Taehang in Hebei Province, China. This sky walk of Rajgir will be the first in Bihar and the second such bridge in the country. According to the officials, tourists coming here will also be able to enjoy zip line, archery, archery, cycling, trekking path, mud and tree cottages, wooden hut, medicinal park under adventure spots. He said that construction work of all these is going on here.

It is being constructed from Rajgir of Nalanda district, amidst dense forest on the route going from Jethian road in Gaya district. It is about 8 kilometers from Jarasandha Arena. Mud cottages are being constructed in nature safari with mud and straw. Where people will be able to feel the pleasure of living in a natural house amidst nature.

Officials said that in ancient times, tree cottages have been constructed to give the experience of living on people’s houses in today’s era. This cottage is available from bed to bathroom. However, the officials of the forest department hope that after the completion of all these construction works, not only the number of tourists will increase here but the tourists will come here and spend several days.

Sky Glass Bridge Rajgir

This glass bridge is also a part of that. Its work is almost complete, on top of which you will feel thrilled. Along with this, the state-of-the-art eight-sheeter ropeway is also being constructed on the Ratnagiri mountain, which will be opened to the public very soon. This Venuvan Vihar is of great importance to the followers associated with Lord Buddha. It was in this Venuvan that Lord Buddha resided in Rajgir for years.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar arrived on Saturday to inspect the country’s second glass bridge being built between the hills in Rajgir of Bihar Sharif district. He said that youths should enjoy nature safari with elders. This will awaken from the environmental point of view. Efforts are being made to do all the work as quickly as possible.

Nitish Kumar Chief minister at Glass Bridge

He said that full security arrangements will be made here. Better arrangements will also be made for traffic. If all goes well, by March in the new year, all the construction works in Nature Safari being built in Rajgir of Nalanda district will be completed and it will be opened for tourists. The work of Zoo Safari being built on the side is also in the final stage. The process of bringing wildlife like lions, tigers and bears from biological parks across the country has started.

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