The Best Time To Start Is Right Now

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You don’t need to wait for a specific day of the week or time of year to start your health and fitness journey. In fact, the best time to take action and make a positive change in your life is the present moment.Let us read the story of Preeti Saktavat

Take a moment to consider this: You can plan for the future, but if you don’t take action in the present, your plans will never take off. The good news is that starting out doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let us read the journey of Preeti as Yoga instructor

I started Yoga to get in better shape, but it turned into a life-changing event, something I never expected!

My last day of work was March 6th, 2007, the date of the birth of my first kid. This was the day I broke free from the chains of corporate life and pursued the road of my ambitions. It was difficult to let go of a career that I had fostered for many years, but as the phrase goes, “All is well that ends well.”
I gained 60 kilograms after my pregnancy in 2007-2008. This began to disturb me. Believe me when I say that my eagerness to get rid of this extra burden reached such a fever pitch that I began ascending eight stories every day.

How I got into Practicing Yoga?

I’ve never been one for going to the gym. I’m not sure why, but the idea of joining a gym has never appealed to me, or perhaps it was the stories I heard that influenced my decision. Regardless, I decided to participate. Only to abandon it after three days, swearing never to return. Not to discourage you, but the procedures used in the gym did not suit me.

People were also not as interested in Yoga back then as they are now. I chose to try Yoga after a recommendation from a friend. As After all, it’s a well-known weight-loss programme all around the world (pun intended), and I was eager to join the group as I looked for classes and completed one.

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How my Professional Training started ?

During those years, I chose to participate in a professional training programme and enrolled in a Yogasana programme.
Following that, there was a formal trainer course and a variety of different specialized courses.
One of the things for which I am eternally grateful is that I am surrounded by the nicest things in life. This meant that I was able to learn from folks who actually practiced this ancient curriculum the way it should be. Only if I had eyes would I be able to comprehend it completely!
Only during my certification courses did I realize the full extent of what Yoga can do for you.

Boost your self by taking action.

One of the most significant obstacles to starting or restarting your fitness journey is self-doubt. You may feel like you’ve failed if you’ve tried before and had a setback.

Fitness is a winding road with numerous detours. One technique to overcome self-doubt and focus on the positive action you can take right now is to practice thankfulness.

Make a plan to form new habits.

Take the time to plan how you’ll proceed once you’ve decided to begin your health and fitness journey.

Begin by making one little change at a time to establish new healthy habits; this will ensure that your lifestyle modifications are long-lasting. It’s important to remember that being healthy is a way of life, not a fast fix.

I want everyone to be able to witness this amazing development!!

By Preeti Saktavat

Certified Yoga Trainer


Kosha Yoga Studio

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