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As soon as you move out of your house, you come across a common issue amongst people around us “The Protruding Belly” . Whenever i speak to people or clients most of them wish to have a flat abdomen. If you are also facing the same issue, just follow below mentioned simple commandments and your goal is within reach.

Obesity is not a disease. It is a lifestyle affliction. It is a symptom. it is a side effect of poor habits and can be reversed.

Just to start, “put your diet in order” , let me tell you one thing clearly you cannot compensate poor diet with rigorous exercise . A modest reduction in dietary carbohydrate is beneficial for body composition, fat distribution, and glucose metabolism. Here are some key mantras which will add to your diet.

PROTEIN : Make sure there is a protein intake with each meal. Protein eaten with a carb, makes carb slow-releasing into our body this encourages the production of glucagon, further helps body to burn fat for energy.

CHROMIUM : Include BROCCOLI which is high in chromium, helps control blood sugar level and prevents sugar craving.

VITAMIN – C : Researchers have shown that people who have good level of “Vitamin C” level, burn 30 percent more fat when they exercise.

QUINOA: A fab source of protein and complex carbs, Quinoa can be used instead of oats for breakfast or as side dish.

OATS: Taken as a daily supplement, oat could act as an adjuvant therapy for metabolic disorders. Oats release their energy slowly so you feel fuller for longer. consumption of oat reduced obesity, abdominal fat, and improved lipid profiles and liver functions.

COCONUT : This exotic fruit is packed with special medium triglyceride fats that aid fat burn.

GREEK YOGHURT: A source of probiotics, Greek yogurt (curd) will keep your immune system and digestive tract healthy.

SPINACH : In weight loss it plays wonderful role high in fiber, low in calories & great source of vitamin A, C and K, Thiamin & Riboflavin . Along with vitamins & minerals, spinach is rich source of antioxidants.

AVACADO: Avacados are rich in good fats, which keep your skin, hair & nail healthy. this creamy frut is also packed with fiber and protein,

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, remember your body is your slave, it works for you.

Though controlled & balanced diet is the key component in reducing your belly fat but to get the maximum benefit this need to be followed by regular exercise regime also. Both diet and exercise compliment each other in a way that absence of either will make it difficult for you to reach the ultimate goal of ” flat belly” .

Take a moment to examine not only how you train your abs, but correct your posture, when you slouch ,your belly sticks out ,poor posture is big issue with people.

Challenge you abdominal muscles, Abs that have been trained smarter, giving you a leaner look across your belly. if your core is weak or you are a new exerciser suggest you to make the change gradually ” Don’t Rush”.

HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH: The abdominals are not different than any other muscle, so no need to do hundreds of repetitions with them . This way you might get slight cardio effect , as you are not loading the muscles enough to count as strength training – which really defeats the purpose. Doing too many heavily weighted crunches can also cause the abs muscles to stick and make your belly look bigger than it really it is. ooops!

THINK STABILITY: For years, people have trained the abdominals to move with exercises like crunches and sit ups, but the abdominals need to be trained not only for mobility but also for stability.abs are primarily stabilizers of the spine, while there are times when they have to be stable, which is why you should train them to do both. That’s why exercises like planks are just as important in your routine – if not more so-than isolating strength and flexion moves.

MEASURE UP: Knowing how you look and feel now is critical to long term success. record it off the scale.

THINK ABOUT IT : Many women sail through workout on autopilot, which dilutes the effectiveness and set you up for injuries , during each move focus on the muscle you are working .

FIND OUT WHY : If you don’t know why you are sweating day in and day out , you won’t stay motivated . It has to be bigger than bikini body. It’s a great goal but not the ultimate.

TOUGHEN UP : Some work outs will be difficult , where your muscle will burn and your brain will tell you to stop. Tell yourself it’s only temporary and it’s taking you closer to your goal.

Better late than never , come on let’s start it today…


Alka Rao Yadav

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