My Journey from Fat to Fit

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I would like to inspire you all with my success story of transforming from fat to fit, which obviously did not happen overnight. This journey was full of tears, depression, anxiety, loneliness, misery, bad eating habits. This sedentary lifestyle led to lots of consequences where I was not able to ovulate, conceive or live normal life. I was not able to climb stairs, would feel very tired even while walking. My metabolism was damaged was hampered completely. I would cry for hours when every month my pregnancy test would show negative result. This had disturbed me to an extent that I was not my own self, becoming another person all together who was shattered, agitated and disheartened. After 10 years of long stay in UK I decided to shift back to India due to various reasons, one of which being home sickness. I started losing confidence, stayed aloof, blaming and not forgiving myself for no reason. I couldn’t find joy in anything. But only found solace in food not realizing that I was falling into trap of emotional unhealthy eating which made it even worse. Not able to have a child is considered as a taboo in India. I use to get all sorts of horrible and depressing questions from family, relatives and specially those agony aunts whose sole purpose is to gain entertainment from gossiping.

The turning point

The change in my attitude came from the fact that I was bullied and made fun of when I attended a function. Of course, it was not an isolated incident which is why I decided to take it up as a challenge and started my journey towards a healthier me. My gym trainers and mentors have been my constant source of motivation during this really hard journey. My transformation has not been easy, but it has surely been worth it all!

Night Owl

I would often engage in binge eating and was a night owl. Additionally, I would watch all the latest web series, stay up all night and led a very inactive regime. A lack of control over my taste buds meant that I would often order take away. All this led to me being diagnosed with PCOS, Border Line Diabetes, Obesity and Anxiety. That’s when I put my foot down and started taking baby steps towards my fitness journey by following quantified nutrition, consistent workout routine and a healthier lifestyle. These efforts got paid off and I got best gift of life which are my 2 children. Needless to say, like millions of other mothers, I also went through the postpartum depression, due to various biological changes in body, lack of proper knowledge, guidance and support. I again started gathering all the fallen pieces to get my life back in shape. Today I proudly stand in front of you, transforming my own self from 97 kilos to 59 kilos. Studying at INFS (Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences) has given me a cutting edge and has definitely added so much value to my knowledge, helping me serve my clients even better. Now I’m attempting to share the knowledge that I’ve gained through my certifications and experiences with the community to help them motivate and accomplish their goals.

What can I offer?

Customized Diet as per GOALS

  • Plan for Fat Loss & Weight management
  • Plan for Muscle & Strength Gain
  • Plan for Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)
  • Plan for Diabetes Management
  • Plan for Thyroid
  • Plan for Cholesterol & Obesity
  • Plan for Prenatal Pregnancy
  • Plan for Post-Partum Pregnancy
  • Plan for Immunity Boosting
  • Plan for Fasting
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Plan
  • Metabolism improving diet plan
  • Low carb diet plan
  • Athletes and Sports enthusiast’s diet plan
  • Gluten free diet plan

Every individual has different and unique body composition and there is no ‘one fit all’ solution. To understand your goal / requirements better, I offer free consultation over the phone. I then carefully understand your lifestyle and eating habits based on which I asses the current calorie intake along with protein, fiber and carbs ingestion. I check your medical history along with blood test reports, if there are any. I then set realistic goals and a create a customized plan making sure that no macro / micro nutritional deficiencies come your way

Holistic Lifestyle Reboot Program

Our bodies, in my opinion, demand something more than just weight loss, and that something is a shift in, our thinking. A positive and mentally strong body can combat any ailment and will always be by our side as we grow. To achieve this, we must make little but deliberate changes in our daily lives and recognize what our bodies are demanding.

I learnt this the hard way, but I really hope that my success story will inspire and motivate you all to lead a Holistic Lifestyle. So I have come up with this amazing program which not only just focuses on Physical Health but also on, Mental Health, Social Health, Spiritual Health, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Intellectual Health and Financial Health.

Holistic living is a lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body and soul so why not try it out to enhance our own lives with me. The best part about this plan what my Fitizens community like is that I have been able to create a platform where they are able to promote their business and services and make earning out of it.

By Nirali

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