journey from the weakling in the family to the resilient one

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Being blessed with good physical & mental health and happiness is the desire of all of us residing over this lovely planet. It does not matter whether the concerned person is a child, youth or the old aged, at each and every stage of our wide life span, it is our inbuilt desire to be  healthy and proceed forward consistently towards more massive success.

क्या हार में क्या जीत में, किंचित नहीं भयभीत मैं
संघर्ष पथ पर जो मिले यह भी सही वह भी सही।

A journey from the weakling in the family to the resilient one.
The whole journey was a roller coaster ride. In the first week of TC, I had to undergo Radioactive Iodine therapy as a part of my treatment for hyper thyroidism. It also meant a fortnight of physical isolation ; the hardest part of which was being away from my 6 year old daughter. I couldn’t cook for her,play with her ,enjoy our nighttime routine and of course hugs and kisses were a complete no-no. She made it work by showering me with flying kisses . The first two weeks of TC were spent in a 12 by 12 room but I had decided l am going to give my best so I made sure to not miss a single video. सौभाग्य न सब दिन सोता है,

देखें, आगे क्या होता है?

After the isolation period ended, we got hit by the peak of the third Covid wave and gyms were shut down. My mind was overwhelmed with a lot of things , but

जब ठान ली थी तो करना ही था।

आखिर करू भी क्यों ना my journey to my best form had already began in my mind😀
Finally when TC was almost halfway ,February came with a boost to my motivation – Gyms were now open again.The news was music to my ears. The first half of TC had only been home workouts.

है कौन विघ्न ऐसा जग में,

टिक सके वीर नर के मग में?

खम ठोंक ठेलता है जब नर,

पर्वत के जाते पाँव उखड़।

मानव जब जोर लगाता है,

पत्थर पानी बन जाता है।

My husband and I completed 10 years of marriage this February .The celebrations included stronger resolves towards our growth and and together we planned our meal by sticking to our macros.Yes! not a even a single gram of deviation.He said celebrations don’t always have to mean a fancy dinner ,they should mean supporting each others’ goals and being together.
उम्मीद और विश्वास का छोटा सा बीज, खुशियों के विशाल फलों से बेहतर और शक्तिशाली है ।

I cannot say this enough but I am so lucky to be blessed with a very supportive family. My Mom is my pillar of inspiration, Dad, Husband and siblings are always by my side. My daughter is my biggest motivator , her birth was the biggest moment in my self realisation journey.❤️

When people around me ask How I manage all this ,I tell them about a simple trick – a very consistent routine which l followed no matter what. l used to get up at 4.00 AM and start my workout by 4.30 AM .

अगर सूरज के तरह जलना है तो रोज उगना पड़ेगा .

Then I would cook my meals and keep them aside for the day. Being a Coach and a mother to an energetic 6 year old demands a lot from you. To ace these duties requires serving oneself well first.For me it was through my morning workouts,they ensured I had my me-time and kept me sane throughout the day.

The journey was full of ups and down. But I really enjoyed each and every phase of it. The transformation you see is a physical transformation, but the real transformation happens within.The change of mindset is the best part, which can’t be explained in words.

If there is one thing I learnt from this journey, it is that I am not going to stop here… When I started, all l wanted was a flat tummy, then I wanted to work on my aesthetics and now ye dil mange more💪

अगर ख्वाईश कुछ अलग करने की है तो दिल और दिमाग के बीच बगावत लाजमी है .

I want to reiterate these lines I read

कङ्करियाँ जिनकी सेज सुघर,
छाया देता केवल अम्बर,
विपदाएँ दूध पिलाती है
लोरी आँधियाँ सुनाती हैं।
जो लाक्षा-गृह में जलते हैं,
वे ही शूरमा निकलते हैं।

I have taken my first step.

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Kirtika Singh

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Consultant

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