Mind or Body ?

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Mind or Body? Which comes first?

We know in all forms of medicine that exercise and a healthy diet can increase our energy levels, productivity, and self-perception. This can then lead to greater mental capacity due to increased circulation to the head and increased supply of nutrients to the brain and so it must be a healthy body, which comes first.

The mind is about mental processes, thought and consciousness. The body is about the physical aspects of the brain-neurons and how the brain is structured.
While we talk about any kind of contest preparation, what do we need most? That would be mental strength, it could be a complete mind game at the end of the day, make sure you are not losing yourself! The focus, mental strength, stress management, disciplined routine, and your training – are the key areas you should be focusing on while you are transforming yourself or you are planning for contest prep. The TC could be the most effective stepping stone for preparing for any contest. The biggest difference is, in TC, it is always You vs You and in other contest preparation like Musclemania & Sheru, you need to compete with other contestants.

How can you start and what are all critical criteria to keep in mind while doing the contest prep?

While I am preparing for Sheru, I am learning quite a lot of different approaches which you can learn while approaching it practically or going through the journey. Mostly, learning how to perform optimally for the competition can be a challenge, also, there are often numerous distractions and unique circumstances affecting our lives which many of us cannot predict at the beginning.

Are you following a structured routine? If not, this is just the beginning of week 1 of TC16, please get your routine in place including fixing the schedule of your meal, workout, and work.
Managing the diet – Following the diet with optimal macronutrients are important as all your progress is likely going to be dependent on this and this is crucial in your transformation journey. Make sure you are having your right ratios of Protein, Carb & fat checked green!
Workout regime – The 3rd most crucial part. In contest prep, it gets super strategic as shredding fat from the body and hypertrophy really do not happen hand in hand. But We need to shred that extra bulginess from the body and get those muscle definitions. It is important that you adhere to a proper training strategy like training each muscle group twice a week to increase the workout volume, training till failure, overloading each week, and also implementing a few drop-sets in your regime. Additionally, stay active throughout the day!
Cardio or Weight training?

Your workout split should look like this – start with a warmup, move to the weight training session, do 3 to 4 exercises of Tabata/ HIIT, and at last do proper stretching. But if you enjoy the treadmill, you can walk for about 10 to 15 minutes.
Stress Management – Contest prep sometimes turns into a nasty game, trust me (going thru it). When you wake up and see yourself bloated and not with the desired inches, you might lose it. It could be due to many internal and external factors. So, managing stress is needed to have that good night’s sleep, recover from the training and be ready for the next workout session. You can not afford to let any 1 option go as one loose can literally spoil all your hard work. Never lose hope, stick to the goal always.
Supplements? Very controversial and many confusions around this topic. The answer is, not really needed. But yes, you should take multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin C, Vit D, etc. But you really do not need any additional supplements at this stage! Go naturally pro!

Do you have support?

Super important to surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people at this stage. Get all the support and encouragement from people, even if you hear anything negative, try not to hear them! Literally, I mean it as it can build up your stress level.
And in the worst case, if you do not have support from anyone, should you stop? Never!! My advice to you, be your own support, remember you have come this far and nothing or no one should stop you! You become your own support system and go ahead, reach your target!
To summarise, to be optimally prepared mentally and physically, the key is to have a clear goal, and execution strategy and strictly adhere to that routine, do not let any distractions hamper this. Additionally, and in parallel, remain positive and optimistic, even in the face of adversity, and figure out managing emotions. These strategies can make a big difference one the peak week.

I hope this helps! Stay tuned for my next write-up!

Get FITTR, Get Stronger, Be Better!


Niti Chowdhury

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant


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#FITTR #FITTRCOACH #fitness #motivation #workout #fitnessmotivation #nutrition #training #fitfam #fittrniti

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