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Motivation, Will-power, Determination or Self-control…aren’t these wonderful words we always come across in our fitness journey? From where do they come ?
The answer is simple ! It comes from within ourselves, our mind. Then, shouldn’t we be paying more attention to train our mind then our body, which anyways controls our body?

“The joining of the lower human nature (Body) to the higher (Mind) in such a manner as the higher can direct the lower is yog”.

If our body is controlled by your mind, one can achieve whatever one want, but if it’s the opposite then it can lead to poor health and steal away the peace of mind.

Among all the four dimensions of human life, i.e., mind, body, the external world and the inner realm, the mind is the most powerful and when it controls other dimensions, the life becomes more beautiful.
We can improve our mental health by the following:

  1. Wake up before sunrise.
  2. Have lots of water. H2O supplies oxygen to the mind.
  3. Practice Pranayama: Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites our body to our thoughts.
  4. Engage yourself in what you enjoy: Be it any sports, music, art or anything. A depressed mind can never have a fit body.
  5. Always be in present: If you are working out in the gym, try to focus on that particular muscle, concentrate on what you are doing at that moment, engage your mind with that muscle. While eating your food, relish the taste, concertante on it’s nutritional value.
  6. What is possible or not possible is none of our business. Focus on your goals and the actions to get to them, results shall follow.
  7. Gratitude: Be grateful for what you have. To be alive, to be able to earn your living, have food at your table, having someone to love or whatever. We can be happy for anything & everything that we have. We are our only competitor. Make sure you are better than what you were yesterday. Love your body, don’t spoil it and keep working to make it better if you actually love it.

“One who controls his mind, and ego, absorbed in the spirit within him, find fulfilment and internal bliss which is beyond the pale senses and reasoning” :Bhagwad Gita

By Pritma Bhushan

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Consultant


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