Jardalu has its own charm: Spreading Aroma from Bhagalpur (Bihar ) to the world

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Famous for its exclusive aroma, sweetness, and other nutritional properties, the Jardalu mango is considered a safe fruit for even those who have been diagnosed with diabetes or have a poor digestive system. It is rich in fiber and enzymes that are highly beneficial to the abdominal muscles and digestive system.

Jardalu is a unique mango variety from Bhagalpur. It is known for its light yellow skin and distinct special aroma. A piece of Jardalu mango generally weighs between 220 gm-250 gm and has a special aroma with brilliant yellow color.

According to agriculture department sources, a person named Ali Khan Bahadur had first planted a jardalu mango tree in the Bhagalpur region.
 It’s a matter of great pride for people from Bihar that Jardalu mango, alongside Bihar‘s Katarani paddy, and Magahi betel leaf, had recently got GI tag and had been listed in one of the Geographical Indications Journal issues.

The GI tag has been given to Bhagalpur’s Jardalu Aam Utpadak Sangh in Sultanganj block of the district.

Farmer Ashok Choudhary, better known as the “Mango man of Bihar” (the Bihar government had conferred him with the Mango Sri award in 2012), said the rare variety should be promoted in international markets.

“A poor mango farmer in Bihar cannot be a flag-bearer without the government’s active patronage,” he said. “Alphonso could be promoted because the government-backed the variety. Jardalu should get the same treatment.”

According to the data of the District Horticulture Department, the garden area of Jardalu mango in Bhagalpur district is still in a limited area. Therefore, it is equally important at the local level. The mango orchard in Bhagalpur district is on 11900 hectares of which the Jardalu mango is barely 1200 hectares. The total production of mango is 1 lakh 10 thousand 75 metric tons, of which the production of Jardalu is close to 10 thousand metric tons.

Jardalu is also known as the love fruit, well, simply because its unique aroma, attractive light yellow colour and taste that is comparable to a slice of heaven is deemed as quite the aphrodisiac.

Jardalu is found mainly in Bhagalpur and surrounding districts in Bihar. Locals say that the climatic conditions (with temperature around 20 °C – 25 °C) and excellent loamy soil is well-suited for the cultivation of mangoes. Though mangoes are grown in over 11,900 hectares of land in Bhagalpur alone, only about 1,500 hectares of land is reserved for the cultivation of Jardalu mango. Annual production is said to be about 10,000 metric tons.

This succulent mango possesses a distinctive light yellow hue, has a heady aroma, a very thin skin that requires a great deal of patience to peel off and a certain delectability that is frankly addictive. Locals say that as the mango is very light in weight (200 g – 250 g), it is easy to digest and you can easily have a dozen in one sitting without the fear of falling ill. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, B6 and C, Potassium, Magnesium and Copper and is packed with antioxidants.

This mango has more fibre and less sugar content and hence, is recommended even for diabetics and those suffering from high blood pressure. This delicious mango was awarded the Geographical Indication Tag (GI) in 2018.

The local authorities and Government are working actively to promote this aromatic mango and increase its production. As the mango has very thin skin, preservation and transportation are a matter of great concern. Like all agricultural crops, dependence on nature is very high, and therefore, optimum temperature becomes imperative to maintain the light yellow pigmentation, flavor, and time of ripening. Untimely rains other than the traditional mango showers (kalbaishakhi) can significantly reduce the size and weight of the mangoes. Storage facilities, processing units, and marketing will help the farmers generate more revenue each year.

This luscious Jardalu mango is now making its entry in international markets and building up a reputation for its remarkable taste, sweetness, and fragrance.

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