In a quest to lose weight don’t forget your health

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In a world where there are market gimmicks and fool tools to make you lose weight faster, let me tell you, its easy to lose the “weight” part faster! But, if you care about your health, and want to make permanent changes, read below:
Slow paced gradual fat loss does the following:
1) Maintains your loss: not only a fast paced thing will slow your metabolism, it will do irreparable damages that will linger for months, it would create eating disorders, food paranoia, seeing diet as a means of punishment rather self care/preservation, and make you binge and go back to previous bad choices due to “depravation” part in your mind. Slow paced will not interfere with any of this.
2) Safe to follow: under extreme caloric deficit you are more likely to lose out on nutrient, lose hair, lose periods and face hormonal ups and downs that may wreck havoc in your other peaceful life. You may stay cranky and hampers libido too! Again none, in gradual loss over time.
3) Eliminates the chances of muscle loss: in a quest to lose weight fast, you cannot predict the ratio of muscle to fat that does down in weighing scale. So along with fat loss you may lose some good muscle mass too, which is, trust me your only scope of “budhape ka sahara” when you grow old. You don’t want to lose muscles! They are priceless.
4) Lose skin and hair: a lot of people who lose weight fast also complain of having a lot of lose skin and stretch marks. That is because when they started they were in a haste, and that makes a fast paced weight loss a total sucker! Severely obese people who drooped quite a few kilos, may feel this! Sniff! I get it, but regular strength training, pre and post training stretches and good hydration and moisturization helps! In extreme cases surgery is the only way! Hair needs a constant healthy lifestyle. Any random shifts in your routine, and you will lose hair! Period.
5) Fatigue: in case you are reducing calories too low, not only you will be cranky and hungry(read hangry= hungry+angry) but also experience tiredness and fatigue. Forget about doing the training in good happy self you wont be able to do daily chores in a peaceful frame of mind. Your wrath will fall on your colleagues, spouse or kids or old parents without any fault of theirs! Erm…not worth it!
6) Eating habits: you think only getting the right diet chart and training chart will help? Unless you are super level disciplined trust me, bad food relationships is no 1 reason why any program fails. People look for shortcuts without understanding the “why” and this leads to weight rebounds when they are unable to cope up with all the points above.

Sreejata Mukherjee

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Consultant

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Media personnel turned a fitness enthusiast and then a coach.

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