Impact of isolation on our children : 4 powerful ways to take them out of stress !!

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Identify the problem :
* Are they in stress?
* Do they suffer anxiety?
* Have they changed their behavioural patterns?

Things to realise :

* Kids’ stress may be intensified by more than just what’s happening in their own lives.

*Do your kids hear you talking about troubles at work, worrying about your job or financial crisis ?

* Watch how you discuss such issues when your kids are near because children will pick up on their parents’ anxieties and start to worry themselves.

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* Present scenario of COVID
World news can cause stress.

*Kids who see disturbing images on TV or hear talk of suffering people may worry about their own safety and that of the people they love.

*Talk to your kids about what they see and hear, and monitor what they watch on TV so that you can help them understand what’s going on.

Observe your kids :
Signs and Symptoms
* Short-term behavioral changes
mood swings
acting out
changes in sleep patterns
bedwetting — can be indications.

* Physical effects :
become withdrawn or spend a lot of time alone.

*Younger children (2.8-4 years)
May develop new habits :
Thumb sucking,
Hair twirling,
Nose picking;

* Older kids may begin to lie, bully, or defy authority.
Overreact to minor problems, have nightmares,become clingy
Loose interest in academic or curricular activities

The time to seek professional attention :

*when any change in behavior persists
*when stress is causing serious anxiety
*when the behavior causes significant problems at home.

If you need help finding resources for your child, consult his/her teacher.

Let them come back to their own haven of joy !!


Nishesh Kumar Sinha

Child Pedagogy Expert

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