I am Yashaswee: Cricket fanatic, Commentator, Historian, Analyst, and a writer

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There are theories of why I became a crazy cricket fanatic. Many relatives have different ideas , some say it is god’s gift some say destiny . But the best theory of all is my parents going to watch a Ranji Trophy game in Nagothane, Raigad when I was in my mom’s stomach.

With My Mother

Nevertheless, I am Yashaswee. Cricket fanatic, commentator, historian, analyst, writer. It would be nice if I am only called a cricket fan. Cricket has not only been an important part of my life but it has given meaning to my life. Not only made me realize my potential but also helped me excel in different aspects of life.

With Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Cricket has taught me that the game is not only about the 22 players who play the game, but it is also about the people who are not playing the game. The support staff, the supporters are an important aspect of the game. As a young child I always wanted to serve the game but didn’t have an idea how it would be possible. I wasn’t the greatest of the players so playing for the country or franchise cricket was out of the equation. But the passion drove me towards Commentary and analysis of the games.

A winner

The game has always been close to my heart from dreaming of becoming Rahul Dravid to actually talking to someone who I have always dreamt to be sharing the commentary box with Harsha Bhogle.

With Harsha Bhogle

I remember taking my first interview, very nervous. I was backed by various people who told me that I could do it and didn’t have to take tension whatsoever.  I was told by a senior that no matter what happens today, you would be remembered as the first person to have taken interviews and brought appraisals for the institute/ college.

My first interview was with three Jharkhand cricketers and former India U19 Players and India off spinner Shabhaz Nadeem, Ishan Kishan and Virat Singh. And ever since , I didn’t look back it was about just moving forward no matter what.

Analyzing Facts

Ever since I had done 100’s video analyses, commentated on many games, appeared on shows where I gave my views about the game, and also went on interview Mahendra Singh Dhoni, PT Usha. I have been grateful in order to have shared views with my guru and inspiration Harsha Bhogle.

With Mitchell Johnson

I have always been a firm believer in the spirit of the sport. According to me, the spirit of the game is very strong, if you have passion for the game and that passion is honest. The game will take care of you, it will conspire with the universe to help you achieve your dream and trust me you will be able to achieve whatever you want.

With PT Usha:Flying Queen

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  1. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

    You did it…Keep it up Yash!👍🏻 Many more to come from your side.

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