I am-chasing what I like & what I aspire for

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If you’re serious about living a healthier lifestyle you’ll know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

If you ask them, many people will say that they want to stay healthy or get healthier, but in order to do so, they likely will have to make some changes in their life.

Changing your lifestyle is never easy, no matter how large or small the changes are. You’ve gotten comfortable doing things the way you are, so, even if you feel like you want or should change things, actually putting those plans into action can often take some hefty doses of motivation and a bit of discipline, as well.

Read the story of Rachna Mohan

Born to a Punjabi family in one of the well-known city Patiala, Punjab, I was surrounded by the typical options of gastronomic Punjabi delicacies to dive into every now & then. I was already overweight by the time I was 16.

Bullying, body shaming was the usual everyday challenge to overcome. With very little awareness of right food, nutrition & fitness, my journey from fat to fit was a challenge in every way. Punjab was then in midst of terrorism & had several restrictions to work out- No gym, no outdoors. I used to play badminton & participate in sports activities earlier. But that was all overcompensated with the food I ate & bit of genetics & later the law & order issue in Punjab. At some of time I started fasting & skipping to bring some control to my body weight. But that was so desperately drastic & unscientific causing fatigue, under eye dark circles, eating disorders etc.

After my marriage, my husband inspired me to initiate physical activities with better diet management. I continued to struggle with episodes of incessant migraine, disturbed sleep pattern, neck pain etc. Post my first pregnancy, I had a bigger issue to manage besides the endless household chores. It was the auto-immune disorder of the large intestine- Ulcerative-colitis. No eating outside, no travel. Besides part time Teaching, I also continued with my gym & badminton regularly. Besides scores of steroidal medications & hospital trips, the respite was hard to come by. Tried alternative medicines- Homeopathy, Ayurveda, countless therapies; but nothing really helped. One fine morning, my husband deduced a desperate option of going with a basic treatment alongside the allopathy medication for a week. That was after desperate 9 years of struggle coming to an end. I started recovering well. There where we planned our second child & enjoyed the new leased moments of health & life. Our household idea of treatment worked. Ever since then, the condition never worsened & always remained controllable till date. It is now 17 years since my last saddest time.


In my entire journey, my encounter with a suffering body made me resilient, strong & much more practical towards my life goals. With all the experience of tough times & the resolutions, I decided to reach people through the social media to share my fat to fit journey with the most practical approach, suited across all ages & gender. Turning 50 was just a number to me. I never could realize how the time flew. I had my family support all the way.


We continue to make fun of what we do, discuss, cringe & laugh at the content. I feel much more energetic, strong & fulfilled than ever before. I always wanted to share my journey, my passion. And here I am-chasing what I like & what I aspire for…. #fit.with.rachna



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