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Bring you today, another way of making your diet sustainable, enjoyable and yet effective.


CHAI – The way people bond!!

It is a perfect way to enjoy your evening after a tiring day, or to start your morning, or to enjoy a quick conversation in the office while on break. But when Chai alone seems pretty boring an idea. We all get confused about how to enjoy the snacks and still be on track, well not anymore!!

DID YOU KNOW – To add chai to your diet, you just need to add milk to your diet. Adding tealeaves doesn’t add any calories that you need to worry about. Sugar alone isn’t going to harm, it is overall diet that makes or breaks your fat loss journey. Though avoiding sugar is a good idea as you can substitute it with Stevia or Erythritol.

So how do we make some PERFECT SNACKS to accompany our LIFE SAVER – CHAI!

Please note: Most recipes I create are made in air fryer which saves the calories from extra oil and hence make it a perfect way to make your DIET SUSTAINABLE. You pan fry in limited oil within your overall diet on non-stick as an option OR use APPE PAN which I could use without to using any oil.



Trick – DAL can be replaced by same amount of Besan . 1 bread can be replaced with 20gm Rice or Atta. Potatoes or Paneer can be made as filling. Go with plain if you like.

To besan add a pinch of baking soda and add spices to taste–>Add water slowly and keep whipping to make a thick consistent paste–> Cut the sides of the bread–> use water to moist the bread–>Make sure you press remove water from bread–> Add filling and roll the bread to close –>AirFry 10-15 min at 180-200 degrees->BREAK PAKODA is READY!

Tip: Do not make the besan paste too watery and do not fill too much inside. Keep butter paper below the bread pakoda and turn half way through

Option 2 – CUTLETS

TRICK – Potato if not in your diet, 150gm potato = 35 atta or rice. You may replace 1 bread = 20gm atta/rice.

Boil potatoes–>mash along with 1 bread –>add spices to taste (add some amchoor or anardana to elevate the taste–> make small rolls –> AirFry 15 min at 200 degrees –> CUTLETS READY

Tip – Ratio of 150-200 gm potato to 1 bread works well.

Option 3 – ALOO TIKKI

Recipe – Same as Cutlets but bread and potato ratio is 250-300gm potato to 1 bread

Tip: You can pan-fry in non-stick pan with minimal oil as per your diet chart



Trick: 20 gm cheese = 1 egg = 25gm paneer. You may any cheese but cheddar gives authentic taste. 1 slice of cheese can be replaced with 1 egg

Recipe – Medium thickness chopped onion, bell pepper, mushroom, spinach –>Sauté in 2.5 ml oil all the vegetables –> add 20ml milk with water –> add 2 slices of cheese/40gm cheese –> keep adding water and let it simmer at slow flame for 5-7 minutes –> Serve with toasted bread

Tip: This can be a breakfast option as well. Add ground pepper for accentuated taste.

Option 5 – BREAD PIZZA

Trick :1 slice bread–> top up with cheese slice and sliced vegetables as per choice and air fry at 180 degrees –> Bread Pizza!!

Tip: Add paneer if you like or chunks of chicken, ham as per you diet allowance


Trick: Paneer in itself can be replaced with egg or cheese as mentioned above and you can make many recipes.

IN AIRFRYER –> Paneer Tikka (marinate in yoghurt and spices 3/4 hours prior to the airfrying

IN NON-Stick PAN – Cubes of Paneer, even without oil on slow flame keep roasting. Add chat masala.  

Paneer burji, paneer sandwich, paneer parantha.. the options are plenty

BONUS RECIPE for Breakfast – Microwave Egg Quiche

Recipe –> 1 Egg, 100 ml milk, 40-50 gm shredded cheddar cheese, salt pepper and Spinach, mushrooms and other vegetables to taste–> Break the egg in the mug )microwaveable and mix everything thoroughly–> Cover the mug with damp kitchen towel and microwave for 3 minutes at high. TADAA–>Quick breakfast is read

Tip: You can bake this as well in the oven at 400 degree!


Disclaimer:  Ingredients added should be added as per diet chart allowance to keep it within macros. Macros, calories may differ by brand. Please consider values mentioned on brand packing for diet chart calculations. While nutritional values differ, flexibility keeps the consistency going which in my opinion supersedes all technicalities

What other options do you have, please share in the comment section and share your experience in making these recipes!  

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By Kapil Mago

About the Author:

Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant by Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS). Leading delivery for an IT/BPO company by profession and a nutrition consultant by passion. 

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