How to track nutrition while travelling?

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Top tips from a health coach for how to eat healthy while traveling. Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, these habits will make healthy eating while traveling a breeze.

Planning meals, weighing portions, and counting macros are fundamental parts of our nutrition coaching program. If you travel a lot for work, or even for fun, you have experienced some of the challenges that come with staying on track. From not knowing what to eat to not having as much discipline, you are bound to have temptations and run into roadblocks.

I think a lot of people have trouble with finding healthy options because let’s face it, we are surrounded by fast food restaurants and convenience stores that are full of items that are obviously unhealthy and non-nourishing to us. And then there are the items that are marketed as healthy, but are really aren’t . It can all be a overwhelming! So what’s a busy traveler to do?

Travelling can be a great way to relax and unwind. But it can also be a stressful experience, especially if you’re trying to eat healthy.

Here are some ways you can make sure that you are staying on track even while away from home:

✅Portion control: If you’re eating a lot of fried or fatty foods, it’s going to be easy for your calorie intake to get out of hand. Make sure that you’re consuming enough veggies to keep your portions in check.

✅Tracking just protein: Tracking your protein intake is a great way to ensure that you’re getting enough satiety without accidentally consuming too many calories.

✅Meal preparation: If you’re going on a short trip and want to follow your diet strictly, make sure that you pack some of your food so that you don’t have to rely entirely on the food options around you.

✅Intermittent Fasting: Time restricted eating or skipping a meal can be a great way to control the calorie intake.

✅Staying hydrated: Consuming sufficient water will ensure that you are fuller and better satiated.Infact,having water around your meals may help you avoid overeating.

Skip the alcohol, when possible or choose only 1 or 2 nights to indulge.

The calories from alcohol are empty and alcohol can also impair your judgment when making good food choices.

Wake up early enough to get in a quick workout and eat breakfast.

Being physical can help remind you to eat healthfully and it will make you feel better throughout the day.


  • Enjoy yourself! Do your best to eat healthy and stay active but don’t make yourself crazy. Sometimes you won’t have control over the situation .
  • Don’t get down on yourself. You’re likely to have a few indulgences or unhealthy meals while traveling. Just hop back on the healthy train when you get home!

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