‘Gharobaar’ for homepreneurs and home-based businesses

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Gharobaar, an exclusive e-marketplace for small homegrown brands and home-based businesses announces launch. The e-commerce platform, with the brand tagline ‘Ghar Se Ghar Tak’, aspires to connect small and unknown home-businesses with prospective buyers online and to further contribute and support the growing ‘Make In India’ economy.

Gharobaar, co-founded by Sakshi Aggarwal, is an online marketplace for homepreneurs and home-based businesses to display and sell their artisanal products online.

After the birth of her second daughter, Sakshi Aggarwal decided to take a sabbatical. A successful finance professional with stints at Citibank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank and ICICI Securities, entrepreneurship was not a planned decision. However, an entrepreneurship idea germinated for Sakshi during the pandemic. She started Gharobaar, a #MakeinIndia #VocalforLocal initiative, which is an exclusive platform for homepreneurs and home-based businesses to display and sell their products online.

Buoyed by the support of her family, she incorporated Gharobaar in December 2020 and launched full operations in October 2021. The name is a portmanteau of ghar (home) and karobaar (business). To cater to this opportunity, Sakshi and her co-founder Aditya Gupta, her husband’s childhood friend, created both supplier and buyer personas – suppliers were categorised as per product categories, and buyers as per their buying needs and preferences.

The brand name ‘Gharobaar’ was coined with words ‘Ghar’ meaning home and ‘karobaar’ meaning business, reflecting on the e-commerce startup’s clear vision to provide an exclusive platform to homegrown businesses and connect them to eco-conscious consumers who are willing to support small entrepreneurs and buy products that are either handmade or produced in small batches. At present, the website has more than 5000 products listed under 8 main categories – Fashion, Grocery, Home, Personal Care & Lifestyle, Kids Corner, Arts & Stationery, and Gifts & Festivities.

The USP of Gharobaar is that every product is handmade and locally produced by a home-run / home-grown business. The sellers get to sell products at their preferred rates and preferred mode of working and with their own identity, making it a unique social marketplace for small businesses.

The platform is currently dominated by female-led businesses from Tier 1 and 2 cities reflecting on the strong women entrepreneurship potential that our country holds. The products listed on Gharobaar are varied with something to suit every requirement.

Gharobaar is a bootstrapped startup, looking for angel and institutional investors to further expand its products and services. The startup also plans to expand its services and partner with home cooks from across states, tarot readers, home tutors, music teachers, astrologers and more over the next few months.

The strength of our company lies in the fact that we are giving small businesses a shot in the arm by supporting them through our business model and also, as a result giving a push to the nationwide slogan of “Vocal for Local”. We believe that this platform of ours can help uncover the hidden talents and skills present in our country, which can help them to become a brand of their own.

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