Get Aware of your feelings

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In this over busy era where our morning starts with running breakfast and day ends with completing our 10,000 steps. We are too busy to even realise what we are going through emotionally. Something similar happened to me and this can happen to any one from CEO of a company to someone like me who practice and teach yoga. Its not easy to speak about your mental health but being in this field of health and wellness I thought its my duty to talk about it.

I had gone through some emotional setback and even going through it presently because of some major crisis in my life well I don’t want to speak about the event much in detail but it is something which runs in my mind non stop like a tape recorder. Since then I am just trying hard to stay busy like over busy, have increased number of classes I take, started cooking for whole family, took up new courses just in idea to keep myself soo busy that I don’t have time to think about any thing else. But I know something is not right, I don’t know about other things but yoga have definitely taught me self awareness I knew something was not right with me emotionally. Best part is I tried reaching out to many people saying that I think something is not right, I don’t feel good some friends, colleague even so called designated professional help but I never got any positive respond.

When these feelings turned into pattern of not feeling good all the time, avoiding to meet a lot of people, feeling low and sad most of time, getting extreme mood swings I knew I am not in right path and I decided to help myself.
Try and observe these pattern if you are constantly having mood swings or feeling low, sad and it’s becoming pattern its time to help yourself


Gratitude – every one says practice gratitude but writing down your gratitude and practicing them daily is two different thing. I took this up as a weekly task not to write but practice gratitude for everything from food to my sleep to my maid, my body everything. I was always practicing gratitude in back of my mind.

Taking out self time – one mistake I was doing was staying too busy, so I decided to take 1 hour for myself in a room all alone, doing things I want to do that day without agenda either reading, practicing or meditating, listening music or lying down and looking at sky any thing I want to do that day but all alone.

Meditating – I know its difficult but at least 15 minute put soulful music and just count your breathing, thinking about how I want my life to be, anything just 15 min of closed eyes and silence. It worked like magic for me.

Workout – Any form of exercise whether yoga, zumba, resistance training anything trust me it helps.

Talk about your emotions – As adults we always hide our emotions feeling we need to be strong, yes you need to be strong but you have emotions, feelings and its ok to express. Cry if you feel like don’t hide your emotions.

Keep a journal – last thing what I practiced was keeping a journal of my feelings jotting down everything I was feeling that day, all the thoughts that was bothering.


By :

Ankita Sinha

Certified Yoga Instructor

Clinical and Diabetic Nutrition Expert

Insta : ankitayoga_fittr

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