Focus on what you feel

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Most people in today’s world value their Instagram images beyond all else. They are continuously preoccupied with how they appear, neglecting to consider how they feel. We are very conscious of how we want our face and physique to seem, but we should be more conscious of our inner selves.
Social media is a platform where people hide behind a mask and live out a fantasy in this age of technological growth. On social media, we all portray ourselves in ways that we do not in real life.
Most people believe that the more followers they have, the more attractive they appear.

The problem today is that we are focused with changing our exterior appearance rather than our inner appearance. By doing so, we overlook the genuine change we need to make on the inside to become a better person.
I’m not going to tell you to accept yourself and think you’re attractive.

This is not a before and after photo; I just was four years old and looking for excitement when I decided to enter a pageant. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but anytime I’m involved in something, I go all out. This is exactly what I did here, despite understanding the risks of a crash diet (which I never recommend), I jumped on it and did hard workouts to fit into my lovely gown. In the bikini round, she garnered a lot of applause for her flawless body. I was shredded, little, weary, grumpy, and irritable all the time if I had to summarize myself at the moment. My unhappiness and unpleasant look couldn’t be hidden by skilled makeup layering or a celebrity photographer.
Only focusing on weight loss had several drawbacks, including the fact that I wasn’t looking forward to my approaching marathon that year since I felt spent and exhausted.
I’m 5 kg heavier in the second photo (than in the first), healthier, and happy, and I’m not wearing any cosmetics except lip balm. I even ran a 25-kilometer run this morning and still had plenty of energy.
STOP placing pressure on yourself to be a certain size, weight, or form. That’s all I’ve learned.
If you want to lose weight, you may do so while keeping your health, happiness, and a well-balanced diet. It is critical to respect all aspects in order to achieve long-term results.
Please don’t let yourself become engrossed in the way I did; instead, maintain a reasonable mindset. You must combine a balance of training (and training because you enjoy it, not because you have to) and nutrients to improve your health not only physically but also emotionally.
Develop a mindset that will help you feel good about yourself and strengthen your body-mind relationship.
Understand that your results must be long-term and not only for a 12-week period.
When you stop obsessing over every single pound or inch you’ve gained or lost, everything will fall into place. Instead of focusing just on your appearance, concentrate on how you feel.

Learn to love yourself despite what you see around you. You are art, just as you were meant to be. There is nothing accidental about you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re skin tone is white, black or brown. It doesn’t matter whether your face has pimples or open pores. The only thing that’s matters is you are the beautiful creation of God.

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