Fitness Journey of a Mother

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The journey of hard work, perseverance & learning 🚴‍♀️

Transformation is a journey & not a destination. Often people look at a slim-trim fit persona but what they don’t see is the story in the background. A story which takes its own time in making by #hardwork #Consistency #Adherence to the plan (come what may😊). Still, it’s a lovely journey of self-discovery and pushing your limits… you will love it as I am enjoying it..the journey is on! Join me 😊
Name:- Pritma Bhushan
Age:- 43years (Mom of 15 years & 10 years old kids)
Current weight:- 46 kg
62 kg to 46 kg (62kg to 52kg self & 52kg to 50kg with mentors )
From an IT professional to a budding fitness coach

I was always a health-conscious person but after a 2nd complicated C-section delivery, my body & health had taken a toll. Battled with Thyroid, struggled to lose weight, tried all kinds of fad diets, Zumba, crazy walking, swimming, yoga & what not! Had no idea of the importance of Protein or nutrition and weight training or gaining muscle mass. Then FITTR (then S.Q.U.A.T.S), came to my rescue.I lost a good amount of weight by just being a silent reader however, after reaching 52kg, and even after hearing all the time that I was “good enough” for my age, I wasn’t satisfied with my body composition, hence I enrolled with a coach, lost just 1.5kgs but the actual gain was the gain in my interest towards learning the actual science behind fitness & a healthy lifestyle. This drove me to complete the INFS foundation & expert level courses in my first attempt and at the same time, I could break the 50 kg plateau by weighing 49 kg – my lightest since becoming a mom 15 yrs back. I feel at 43, I am at my fittest best but the real best is yet to happen!
It’s a journey and the journey is not to be slim but to be fit and to achieve the best version of my body and mind.
I can’t thank enough my FITTR family, Jitendra Chouksey for providing such an amazing platform and most of all Siddhartha Choudhury (without enrolling under him) for his selfless support and guidance…A great desire without direction isn’t meaningful and FITTR turned out to be my North Star guiding me along my journey. Thank you my FITTR family.

My mantra:-
You can’t be motivated always, it can get you started but habit is what keeps you going..

By Pritma Bhushan

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Consultant


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