My Fitness Journey

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Many of us decided on fitness goals as our New Year’s resolution, but how many of us have stuck to it? Nevertheless, it’s still not too late to jump back on the wagon and reach the fitness goal set for yourself. The main reasons you should do it is to make yourself happy and healthy. If you don’t believe that it’s possible, take a look at our compilation of people who won the fight against extra kilos!

Covid- one virus which changed the whole world, and it changed in my life as well. Before Covid I was living a regular life like many others, doing 9-6 job, facing regular life struggles and so on.

Mar 2020- lockdown announced and Jun 2020 I lost my job and things changed afterward. Though I was on heavier side before Covid as well but due to losing job and other mental struggles my weight went up to highest ever i.e., 65 kgs until Jan 2021 and this was alarming as I was pre-diagnosed with POCD, and doctors actually warned me that I must lose weight and become active else it could lead to high cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, and other health issues.

Jan 2021 was the time, when I decided to change my lifestyle and started going to local gym for weight training though this could be done with weights at home as well but as gym was available, so I preferred to join the same, which helped me to learn exercise with correct form and posture.

Weight Training – it is a misconception that women get bulky due to weight training, but the fact is body gets toned due to weight training. For bulking we should have high level of testosterone hormones which is generally available in men but 90% less in women (as compared to men). Therefore, women can never become bulky/ manly.

Weight training with optimal amount of macros (protein, carbs and fat), plenty of water, sleep and vitamin D (natural/synthetic) will not only help in prevention of bone loss and osteoporosis related fractures but significantly increase the bone density of their hips and spine.

Further it helps with good body composition, reduces risk of chronic diseases and benefits with metal health.

Apart of that as I had time, I started evening walks of at least 10k step each day.

Quantified Nutrition’s – For weight loss a person needs to create a calories deficit, either by cutting calories intake or increasing physical activities. Ideal situation is to increase physical activities with good calories so that bodily functions are not affected, and one don’t feel week, lethargic or suffer with mood fluctuations.  Mostly those who lose weight at a very high rate they tend to gain back lost weight very soon and sometime more than what they lost. I lost approximately 0.5 kg each week on an average.

Patience and consistency – There was not a single day when I did not go for workout or evening walk or had any cheated meal. I had simple home cooked food and preferred not to eat-out, so that I don’t go out of diet. There were days when I didn’t see any change in my weight or inches for weeks, but I kept following my diet and workout without fail.

These were the key mantras of my success in weight loss journey. After 10 months of hard work and consistency I managed to reduce my weight to 47 kgs but with lot of strength, happiness, and great state of mind.

 One thing we need to understand that we have weight and other physical issues due to our wrong lifestyle, therefore it’s very important to focus on the root cause i.e., Lifestyle.

After this tough Covid time I understood that health is the biggest wealth. Therefore, I decided to take my journey further and to help others in their journey I enrolled with INFS for Diploma course in Health and nutrition’s.

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By Pooja Chauhan

Instagram. @poochauhan

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