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It is thought that if one has a strong enough will, the skies will align to help them achieve their goals. Going from strength to strength, I’m having the time of my life, and this is the narrative of my life.

You may have heard many stories of Fat-to-Fit transformations, with a large majority of them being women making valiant efforts to lose weight after pregnancy.

My name is Poonam, and I am a FITTR PT Coach and a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo Martial Art.
But that was not the case in my case. Throughout my childhood, I was generally active and undernourished. Despite the fact that not being overweight was beneficial, I was unable to follow my goals of joining the army due to my family’s strict religious beliefs.

After my marriage, this changed. The first 8-9 years were spent raising a family and having children, after which we moved to Texas for the long haul. With the guidance of the Lord, I enrolled in a Taekwondo martial arts class close to my home.
Like a hungry tigress pounced on a victim, I dove right into the training and earned my black belt after 3.5 years.
Fast forward three years, and I was doing well at my job as a Marathon fitness coach in India when the Coronavirus struck, and I lost my job.

At this time, I joined with a top Fittr coach, followed the nutrition and activity plans to a tee, and completed my body recomposition at the age of 44. Fittr recognized my efforts by shortlisting me in the top 100 of the TC.
Fittr began hiring personal training trainers at the same time, and I joined the team. Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of youngsters for Martial Arts and hundreds of clients for Strength and Conditioning.
Fittr, quantified diet, technically designed exercises, and continued Taekwondo martial arts practice have dramatically changed my life.
I can say that I grew stronger with time and tried to make the most of the opportunities that came my way.
I am grateful to God for his ass

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