Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation-Journey of Sohamjita

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By Sohamjita Roy, Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant at FITTR

Transformations don’t happen overnight. They take time—hours upon hours spent training, eating well, and putting health above all else. There is no easy route when it comes to making lifelong changes, but perseverance and determination go a long way. Whether you’re battling health issues, facing an uphill fat-loss battle, or you’ve hit a plateau on the way to your goals, these Bodybuilding.com readers prove that when you officially decide to change, nothing can stop you.

“Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.”  – Rick Warren

Hello Everyone. My name is Sohamjita Roy. I am currently working as a nutrition and fitness coach in FITTR. I am also a mother and have delivered my baby girl 3 years back through C-section. Had suffered from PCOS for a brief period of time before making the lifestyle modifications and have also undergone a gallbladder removal surgery 2 years back. Let me share my story of transformation with you all. At the end of it, if I am able to inspire any one of you to start working towards your fitness goal, my motto will be successful. Trust me I have been there and if I could do it, you can too! All you need is to have the basic knowledge of how energy balance works, how to track your calories properly, and incorporate any kind of physical activity (preferably resistance training) in your regular routine.

 In my family, no one in the last 3 generations have worked out, or were in any kind of sports, or followed any kind of dieting as per my knowledge. I was never having high fat percentage and always skinny as a college girl before my marriage. However, after few years of my marriage I became skinny fat (low muscle mass and fat present predominantly in the tummy section) and nobody was able to guess it because I will be dressing accordingly to hide my tummy section.

In 2017 I delivered a baby girl through C-Section and during my pregnancy I had put on almost 8.5 kgs extra than my regular weight. My physical appearance at that time was such that even 9 months postpartum I was looking pregnant.

One fine day I was just surfing in the internet about tips to lose that tummy fat(Yes, at that time even I was not knowing that spot reduction is a myth!) and I came across FITTR at that time known as SQUATS.I started learning new things every day from the group and got inspired and motivated enough to register myself for Foundation & Expert Certification from INFS.I finished both in the year of 2019 and became a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant. I did lose 7 kgs during that time while studying, working and taking care of my toddler all at the same time (Trust me that is difficult but not impossible!).However, there were times when I also messed up even after having all the knowledge about quantified Nutrition and resistance training.

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My Transformation Journey

Like during the lockdown period while working from home and baking, cooking through all the free time and eating without any quantification I again put on 8 kgs and was weighing around 60 kgs(again most of the fat in my tummy area).

“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward – get real with yourself.”  – Bryant McGill

Around 4 months back on September 2020, I thought enough is enough and what is the meaning of all those knowledges if I am not able to help and share it with others. I left my full time job, worked on my transformation, started eating properly without any deviations, started learning more about Nutrition and Fitness(I was already certified at that time but as you all know learning is a never ending process) and in January 2021 appeared for the interview and got selected as FITTR coach!

All I did different the last few months was giving it my best and here I am today in front of you all writing an article about my transformation! All of it still feels surreal but yeah, I am so glad to be a part of the FITTR community that supports, teaches, motivates, inspires everyone every day without judging for a single moment🙂🙏.

“You have to maintain a culture of transformation and stay true to your values.” – Jeff Weiner

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