Meet Dr Kriti Soni : Nutraceuticals Expert

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Scientific invention is one of humanity’s most important achievements, as it has encouraged people all over the world to live longer and better lives. It is also a significant component of each country’s advancement strategy, forcing diverse public and private institutions to create coalitions in order to obtain better results in the shortest amount of time. Diseases like diphtheria and smallpox are no longer present. Controlling HIV and curing diseases like malaria are both doable. All of these advancements in research and development would not have been possible without the efforts of women who chose to break the pattern and pursue careers in science.

Without the women who led the path in the industry for others to follow in their footsteps, no connected endeavor would be feasible. Dr. Kriti Soni, who is inspiring the world and carving out her unique niche in the somewhat saturated online wellness field, is one such woman who has helped to transforming the pharmaceutical industry. She is a scientist who is well-versed in medicines and herbal remedies. Furthermore, this woman was able to contribute to a better quality of life and health around the world by innovating in the pharmaceutical industry.

Her approach to healthy living is holistic and dynamic. Kriti is highly qualified to offer her expertise and experience with her large audience, as she holds a Ph.D. She is a Superfoods expert, Health & Wellness product developer, and Nutraceuticals licensed trainer based in India. Her emphasis is on fresh produce that is prepared simply and lovingly. Dr. Kriti is motivating people all around the world to live better and happier lives. It’s no wonder that she’s become one of the top fitness, health, and happiness influencers. This wellness warrior is certainly worth checking out if you’re considering a career in the health and wellness industry. She might well be able to help you find your own path.

As the world adapted to the new normal, this celebrity health and wellness expert did the same, turning her Instagram feed into a wealth of tools and guided programmes, including quarantine diet plans, meal plans, weight loss methods, DIY masks for various skin types, and step-by-step analyses. She’s sharing her extremely popular and down-to-earth approach to health and wellness with people all over the world.

“2020 may easily be remembered as the year we regained our relationship with wellness—physical and emotional,” she says. The extended time apart from regular life afforded individuals the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with their inner selves with the commencement of an unplanned lockdown.” During the health crisis, what was her most important piece of advise to her fans? Supplements that are touted and fancy aren’t the only tools you’ll need to stay healthy. Instead, investigate herbal supplements, keeping in mind the significance of learning how to use them. Kriti has also been able to make significant progress on the delivery and efficacy fronts.

She is dedicated to creating cutting-edge, effective products that adhere to the highest levels of research, development, and manufacture. Her purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives by delivering the best nutrition and weight-loss products available. She has been directing the virtual community towards a better, well-rounded attitude on life through Instagram live sessions and online checklists.

@healthkriti is her Instagram handle.

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