COVID-19 Support: These groups are helping people in WhatsApp and Facebook

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Some very helpful groups have started in Facebook and WhatsApp, which are helping people struggling with various types of COVID-19 related problems across the country. Located in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Mumbai and other cities, these groups are also assisting with the plasma donation (Covid-19 Plasma Donation) as well as making it easier to find hospitals with free beds. Apart from this, many more assistance is being provided by these groups. Other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, are becoming a popular medium for help during the second wave of Coronavirus in India.

Many community groups on Facebook and WhatsApp are helping people during this time of crisis. We have explained some of these below:

Humankind Global on Facebook
Humankind Global’s group on Facebook is working to connect people looking for help with people who are helping. The networking circle of this group is all over India, which means that users from any part of the country can post and seek help in this group.

World Maratha Organization on Facebook
The World Maratha Organization Group on Facebook is working to provide medical support such as blood and plasma donation or any support related to hospital support. People of this group are spread across Maharashtra and users can also request help via email at This is a private group on Facebook and users must first request to join this group.

Network Capital on WhatsApp
Network Capital Group on WhatsApp is helping with 24×7 dedicated volunteers. This group is providing people with mental health resources, COVID-19 resource support and job support with free advice. It is a private (private) group and its network is spread across metro cities with members from over 100 countries.

Gurgaon Helpline and Gurgaon Food Freak Platform on Facebook
The Gurgaon helpline and the Gurgaon Food Freak platforms on Facebook are groups that are providing each other with information related to free and empty beds, medicines, plasma, doctors, etc. in the hospital. Out of these people present in the Gurgaon Food Freak group are working to provide homemade food to the families living in quarantine. Both these groups are private and are helping the people of Khas Gurgaon.

Powai Women Networking on Facebook
The group is being led by women who are mostly based in Mumbai, but they are providing support in places like Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow as well as Singapore, Bangkok etc. Medical support, vocational assistance, pregnancy, children’s welfare and women’s problems and financial problems are also being supported in this group.

Apart from Facebook, Twitter and websites is also a good place for people to get help in hospital beds, plasma and medical supplies.

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