AWS Announces Data and Analytics Conclave

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), in association with Analytics India Magazine, is presenting the Data and Analytics Conclave on 21st October 2021 — an online conference designed to empower technical and business decision-makers, data and analytics practitioners, and data or decision scientists. This day-long conference will explore the importance of a modern data strategy that isn’t one size fits all but adapted to the needs of every organisation.

Surrounded by a sea of data, success for any organisation depends on how well they are able to derive insights from it and make transformative decisions. In order to progress, businesses need to adopt strategies that can hold large amounts of data in open, standards-based data formats. Modern data strategies are not limited by data silos. This allows companies to run analytics operations using preferred tools while also maintaining strict security standards.

The Data and Analytics Conclave aims to bring together data experts from AWS along with business leaders and leading engineers from the industry who will demonstrate how modern data strategies can accelerate innovation and build smart, customer-centric, scalable solutions on cloud and edge using AWS machine learning and AI services. The conclave will help leaders & business decision-makers to reinvent their businesses through a modern data strategy combining data lakes and purpose-built data stores.

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The conclave features an opening keynote from Greg Khairallah, Director, Analytics at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and insightful talks by IDC analysts and other business leaders. In addition, the conference also dives deep into ten breakout sessions across three tracks — Modernise Data Infrastructure; Unify Your Data; & Innovate With AI/ML. Participants will learn how to build, train, and deploy sophisticated models with any framework, thus preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

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