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How to lose weight is one of the most searched queries & the answers to this question are very simple? Eat less (calories) and you are home, simple math is calories in<calories out=weight loss.

Now to prove this simple point one can even write a book and make it more complex because people believe big secrets can’t have one line solution. Secret is complex , secret is tortures, like having bitter gourd juice empty stomach or eating only watermelon or lemon honey drinking at dawn. Frankly speaking solutions doesn’t need to be torturous, they can be as simple as child’s play.  Just cut down one meal and you will see weight loss happening , but WAIT !  along with weight loss am I losing something else also ? hair fall , hair getting thinner , pale face, sunken eyes, nail cracked which you were trying to grow, your mood is cranky , now you are skinny but you are not as fun as earlier because of loss of energy.

Trust me food is wisdom, it is simple but there is no quick a fix to it. During our elementary education also teacher taught us healthy food gives us energy, it helps repair body and protect us from ailments. Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water are essential for good health. So in a quest of loose weight we ignore essentials. Taking care of macro & micro nutrients are all the more important when you are on calorie deficit. Every macro and micro nutrient plays a vital role in your wellbeing.

Wait are we make dieting too complicated ? No, with little bit of planning you can create a good diet. Suppose we plan to take 1500 calories in a day whether you eat a pizza or dal, rice & vegetables will make that difference , you have to make these 1500 calories from dense nutrition.

How to construct a diet ?

Let’s start with PROTEIN, we all know how important protein is , depending on goal one needs 0.8 to 2.2 g/kg body weight/day protein. Complete your protein intake from good sources like egg, chicken, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, curd, dal, nuts, seeds, soya, beans and peas. I was surprised to see protein content of broccoli, cucumber and edamame. One can do a little research to identify suitable natural protein options.

Moving on to CARBOHYDRATE , oh recently you read an article on nutrition and it suggested eating loads of fruits helps or maybe you are tempted to include multiple fruit juices after seeing the same on some celebrities’ breakfast table. Yes, carbs are to provide you energy but ask yourself how much energy you needed ? how much you are consuming ? how much you are utilizing  ?  Now check carbs in your fruit juice, you already maxed your carb limit, now what. Nothing against fruit, they are excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & most important fibers. But actually in daily diet we require very less micronutrients (as name suggests) that can be fulfilled easily by eating in small quantity. My suggestion to you is complete your carbs through high-fiber carbs, including legumes, whole grains,  this will give you slow energy throughout the day.

Here comes FAT ,most of the time accused as a bad boy. Actually this bad boy is important in energy source and as source of essential fatty acids & fat- soluble vitamins,which tend to associate with fats, regulates our hormones , acquiring fat from right source holds the key e.g. instead of French fries or chips, eating almonds and walnuts is a better choice.

VITAMINS & MINERALS can’t be ignored, when you planning your diet, include lots of vegetables. When you are trying to lose weight they are your savior. They are very low in calories but completes all essential vitamins and minerals. Eat, variety of vegetables, fiber to deal with constipation, fiber is definitely an active component of vegetables, don’t stick to one or two, eat wide variety of vegetables . With vegetables in your platter you access vast nutrients even on low calorie.

WATER is life, its free of calorie, drink a lot of water. Don’t add unnecessary calories to water this will just enhance the taste but may increase your weight.:)

 It’s simple !!!


Alka Rao Yadav

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