A saree’s dynamism is appropriate for any occasion

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Sarees are an important aspect of Indian fashion and culture. They have been worn in various forms and varieties in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. These clothing are frequently worn by Indian women for a variety of occasions, ranging from weddings and festivals to parties and casual outings.

Many even love to wear them in day-to-day life, or for office-wear. Elegant and graceful, sarees are an extremely flattering type of clothing. They suit women having different body types and, when draped correctly, add a unique feminine aura that just cannot be matched.

However, sarees have to be comfortable and easy-to-wear to be pulled off. In summer, for instance, cool and comfortable fabrics are a must. Summer sarees are such specially created saris that are meant to be worn during hot summer days. They are typically made of airy, lightweight, and comfortable fabrics, with minimal embroidery and embellishments.

This reduces the weight of the garment and makes it a more comfortable summer-wear item. Another common feature of sarees for summer is the use of bright prints and vibrant hues to create an attractive, dynamic vibe for the garment.

There is hardly an attire as versatile as a saree. It may have had humble beginnings but today it is every fashionista’s go-to outfit. In the recent times, the Gen Z have reclaimed the saree by adopting it to suit their on contemporary styles. Today’s fashion thought leaders such as new age designers, creative artists, and fashion content creators have influenced the trends by challenging the traditional feminine aesthetics attached to the garment and reimagining it with a fresh and new perspective. With innovative trends introduced by young minds; the saree is making a comeback as freestyle everyday clothing. Designers and stylists are moving away from conventional saree draping; they wrap it around jeans instead of the petticoat and pair it with bralettes and bikini tops instead of the tailored blouse.

“Indian Saree has been one of the most traditional, exquisite & timeless Indian women wear. This six yards of fabric of different colour, fibre, print, embroidered with ultimate grace to suit women across all ages, body-type & ethnicity.

There are dozens of distinct types of sarees with countless variations. Every Indian state in the cultural rich India has its unique collection of colour, design, fabric & wearing styles. The range can vary including daily wear, casual, festival, wedding, fashion to mourning.
Variety of saree fabrics that covers seasons, regions, climate & traditions range from natural fibres like cotton, silk, linen to synthetic fibre.
There are more than 30 types of sarees availablein our country. These are Banarasi Silk Sarees, Kasheeda saree, Khun Saree, Kasuti Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, Tant Sarees, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Assam Silk Sarees, Batik Print Sarees, Tussar silk Sarees, assam muga silk sarees, Dhakai Jamdani Sarees, Panchampalli Sarees, Mysore Silk Saree, Cotton Sarees,Patola Sarees, Leheriya Sarees,Maheshwari Sarees, Mundum Neriyathum, Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees and Pattu Sarees.

Types of traditional wedding Sarees for Indian women include kanjeevaram wedding sari, Banarasi wedding sari, sambalpuri wedding sari, Assam silk, gota sari, Resham sari, Zardosi sari, paithani sari, Bomkai Sarees, bandhani sari and neriyathum sari.
There are various styles of sari draping, Nivi style originated from Andhra Pradesh is the most common in India along with Nauvari from Maharashtra. The drape varying from five to nine yards Sarees and more than 80 recorded ways are there in several different styles and region.

The Saree draping is a parallel world of fashion with grace, tradition, colour & originality. Saree is absolute six yards of woman’s wearable appeal, intense vibrance, body wrapped in sheer elegance…”

Social media platforms like Instagram and brands new age saree brands have helped in shedding light on the idea that women can do anything while wearing a saree. Nature based viscose comprising of cellulose fiber is a new fabric entrant in the saree space that is redefining sarees making it comfortable, fluid, summer friendly that is easy to drape and maintain.

The youth is so enamored by the saree and its dynamism, they are seen making a fashion statement in every setting they vibe with. When an Instagram influencer posted a #SareeFlow video while spinning a hula hoop to the Bollywood song Genda Phool; it went viral. The video received more than two million views. The idea that the sari could be restrictive to wear, is a “mental block” she mentioned in an interview. For many people, the influencer’s videos are a powerful reminder of the flexibility of the garment, and she wanted to show that a woman can be her authentic self and express herself freely while wearing a saree.

Sarees are being worn at young girls across the world increasing its adaptability to match every body type and outings as shared below:

Office wear

The workplace culture is defined by the clothing choices of the employees. Girls wearing sarees exude authoritative charm that fits right into a dynamic formal setting, makes you look professional and make a style statement whether worn by itself or paired with a blazer, jacket or a shirt.

Brunch wear 

With the heat wave alerts, girls are all set to switch up their fashion mood boards to hassle-free, vibrant and colorful choices of clothing that not only enhance our style statement but also enable us to breathe easily. And what’s better than a free-flowing saree paired up with a cute designer bralette or a crop top. Dressing according to the season and venue makes a huge difference as brunching is all about looking all glammed up while you casually get together with your friends and unwind.

Make it a date to remember

Sarees are super versatile, and you can wear them on a date or to an art gallery without bothering if they look out of place. A vivacious saree paired with the right accessories makes for a perfect date-night outfit. You could pair your fluid saree with a crop top and accessorize well with some statement earrings, chokers and belts that would make for an impeccable look. Be it a dinner date or a night out dancing, sarees can be worn everywhere.

Resort Wear

In this scorching heat, wearing a made of nature-based fiber which is free flowing and easy-breezy option is the perfect way to look glamorous on your weekend getaway by the pool, or even when casually hanging with friends. Bold prints and mesmerizing amalgamation of colors can elevate your mood for a chill summer vibe. Experimenting with your summer outfits by adding new elements to them is the new ongoing trend, striking monokinis to retro bikini tops styled up with designer Kaftans to high fashion saree capes and dresses are some fun resort wear trends to try this, Summer.

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