A letter to my younger Generation

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Dear Friends

At this stage when you are finding your interest, love and meaning of life. Society around you will keep giving you their experiences. They will teach you to learn the practicality of life. They will pressurize you to get settled down in career, marriage (in 26), buy house, build your future in some metropolitan city.

Off course At this stage, you will feel huge conflict inside you. It would feel like, you want to experiment, but social norms are limiting you. You want to have more fun but the voices of people in back of mind would always remind some limitations. You would always ask yourself, what and how I should choose future progression of life? Which path to take?

Let me tell you my own vision of life.

How I have dealt with conflict?

First thing you would have to understand, conflict in mind is never ending. You will never find a success and settlement which will end the conflict of mind. This is something a natural process to which all humans are fighting. So, first embrace that there will always be conflict which will hurt you.

Now come to your heart. There is a place where you listen the singing voice of love, joy, happiness. Like Mind, heart is also our vital part of body. The difference is that it does not think. It always wants to feel something. Learn to observe the functioning of your heart.

You will always experience. Howsoever big the conflict of mind, just one soulful cry, playfulness will stop the endless mind in a moment.

In the core of your emotions, you will always listen, your heart is saying what to choose in life in that moment. In which direction to keep your head going in life. Just Listen to that. Please have courage to give more weightage to heart over brain thinking process.

Why I am saying to choose heart?

Look my dear friend, Life is a big journey. Life has no fixed definition. somebody sees life in quantity, then somebody in quality. Somebody wants big mansion to live, then somebody want to live in just small house. Some see life in depth, some see life in height.

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And whatever life you would choose, your intended goal is always to find happiness, joy in that life. So, if joy of heart is coming out every day, you will be away from conflicting mind.

As your journey of life will progress, you will find you are your own biggest hurdle. Later you will see, you want to work for 12 hours but you cannot do that easily. Your efficiency is decreasing.

In larger picture of universe, life has been given to every human being with some purposely has not been given to you just to enjoy mindlessly. The more you aligned yourself with that purpose you will feel your life easy. Otherwise, you will always be in some pain howsoever big if you achieve height.

Your duty is to find that voice of purpose. Keep finding until you do not get the satisfactory answer.

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Where you will find that voice of purpose?

Off course that voice of purpose is your deep core of heart. Since love originates in heart. Your purpose generated in heart, will always have feeling of love.

So now while working with your purpose, you will never have conflict of mind. You will never ask whether you are heading right or wrong. It will be just like you are feeling happy because you are doing your work/passion.

And off course all the great person like Gandhi, Einstein, and Steve Jobs have one thing in common. They have found love in their pomposity have enjoyed every day of their life. In fact their happiness has not come by success but by choosing the purpose, which they have listened in their heart.

So, listen to your heart. She will tell you your purpose. Live your purpose without conflict. Every will be your happy life. Continuing with that purpose lifelong will give you the love of life. The love which you will pass on to other people, next generation.

This passing of love will be biggest service to mankind. And in history, you will recognize as one among the most successful people.

So my dear friends, make sure, you start listening to your heart from now onwards.


Kumud Kishore

About the author:

Kumud Kishore is an Entrepreneur and Author. He is working on his own vision to make education more playful and expressive. He believes every body has its own unique way of understanding the  same text book read by all. But their understanding find limited expression out in exam only. He wants to create platform where this unique expression would get freedom and matched with proper opportunity.

Please read his Poetry Book (सत्य प्रेम ईश्वर , Truth Love God ) available on amazon. Author has invented many new perspectives of love ,life, motivation, truth and god. It is truly a joy to feel his inner world of emotions in his poetry.


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