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My dear students, today you are being given education, So tomorrow you could run the human civilization. Might be, you are not finding much fun in reading textbooks, listening to teachers in classroom. Off course we all understand that you want to play in open sky. You want to taste rivers, natures, playing with your friends.

I am also very much sure that you are fooling us all elders skillfully to play in your dream world. Because I know you are the finest inventors sent by God to rescue our hearts. That’s why we laugh while watching all your playful act.

Our generations also used to detest books, the way you all are detesting today. We even tried hard also to make education itself a playful game of dreamworld. We also achieved some milestones. But still lot more has not been explored yet to make education a wonderworld games.

This unfinished work will come sooner on your shoulder too. But let me tell you major shortcomings in our generations approach. We have thought when we will grow up, we will invent. But once we grew up, we all become clueless. Now we are so pressured up to manage the worldly affairs that we could not find enough freedom to invent. So, we are just now delivering the education to you as just another duty without much life.

What I am seeing after experiencing life, it would have been better to start inventing in childhood days itself. As invention is nothing but an act of playfulness. Even in our grown generation, only those minds are inventing, who have not come out of their childhood days. They are still playing like you in their own dreamworld, detached from world.

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So dear students, how would you make education a wonderworld game without compromising your serious act of daily play?

Here I am giving you few ideas. But do not take my words blindly, as I am not that much smart, fresh and imaginative as you are in this age. Just use my words as lightening conductor to find the path in uncharted plain.

First and foremost, never stop yourself from playing. Never get chained by elders to take unnecessary burden that you have to achieve something big. All miracles of God in brain will start vanishing in that chain. So, keep your freedom in your mind supreme. And also, be courageous in your heart, that no one can chain your spirit until you allow by yourself to be chained. The way you are managing for playtimes, just keep managing people around you for your freedom of mind also.

Now you can start to connect the education of classroom to the game in open sky and vice versa. This will give you more fun and curiosity to invent. You will truly start to live in wonderland.

Let See how?

Suppose you are reading a chapter of geography. Suppose you are reading about rivers and it features, characters, flow and other things.

Now this knowledge of river can be applied in many ways in open sky.

You could use this river—-

  • To incorporate in your poetry
  • To paint on a canvas
  • Maybe you could design a bathtub like river in your house
  • Maybe you could bath in river to observe and wonder about its color in sunny and cloudy days.
  • Maybe you start finding answer for the reason of water being colorless.
  • Maybe you start to find connections of river and starts in sky.
  • Maybe you start to find connection between flow of river and flow of emotions in your heart, flow of your thought in your mind.
  • Maybe you would start finding answers that how this river is in between your and tree’s life.

Off course there would be many million facets of knowledge Which only a childish mind could see. As he still possesses god gift of playfulness.

छठ पूजा

What I am trying to say, play as much as you want. Just bring education in your play to make your game more playful. Bring whatever your eye could see in your education while connecting it to your games.

Curiosity will automatically find its way to your heart. This curiosity is so powerful that it will never let you to stop in education. Finding answers to these curiosities will make you a genius like Einstein.

May be tomorrow you could change the whole education approach. May be tomorrow, you could invent and create whole education based on curiosity.

At my age, one thing I have realized very sincerely, that curiosity is most exciting emotions of human being. It is so passionate emotion that it never makes me to feel tired while playing games. So, an education based on curiosity would surely be a wonderworld game. So, might be in future, every kid would wait desperately for next morning to play education in open sky.

I am dreaming and seeing a house in future, where my grandchildren are saying,

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Grand Pa come in backyard; I will show you my mud-house. This mud-house is so unique that every day it reflects different colors by utilizing the daily scattering of sunlight.

And my eyes are filled with tears and saying…wow you are showing a trait of genius.

I hope every child on earth become a genius to rescue our world and filled our life with endless love.

So, live freely, read freely, learn freely. Let your curiosity find its connection to universe. Let the universe to pass education in all mind. Let’s all start to share secret of universe with each other. Let’s redefine the education.

I am very much curious to fly in all universe to see all the planets, stars, milky way, creatures on other planet and many things. Let’s rebuild education to fulfill the higher curiosity of life.


Kumud Kishore

About the author:

Kumud Kishore is an Entrepreneur and Author. He is working on his own vision to make education more playful and expressive. He believes every body has its own unique way of understanding the  same text book read by all. But their understanding find limited expression out in exam only. He wants to create platform where this unique expression would get freedom and matched with proper opportunity.

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