Stay Positive During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging us in ways we could never have imagined, from unprecedented amounts of family time to homeschooling to working remotely—or not working at all. These sudden, rapid changes in the way we live, coupled with uncertainty, can feel overwhelming. While we may know that it’s helpful for everyone to stay positive, it’s sometimes easier said than done. Here are some suggestions for uplifting your outlook:

1. Love Yourself – The first duty you owe is toward yourself. If you do not love yourself you cant love others or any situation. Now is a good time to step inward and slow down and take care of yourself. Do thing you like, give time to your health, your skin, your mental wellbeing, your hobbies.

2. Accept – accepting yourself the way you are, don’t compare yourself with everyone on social media because grass is always greener on other side. Realise external circumstances are not in our control directly so accept it. Now do what is best for you and your family.

3. Be Grateful – being grateful is super power. In present situation where people do not have basic necessity like food and clean water, you are disease free and can afford at least 2 decent meal. You have comfort of home and family around you. Be grateful and neglect the negatives.

4. Keep the faith – Have the faith that everything will get back to normal, we all will fight this and come out strong because its faith that’s keeping us human alive and strong. Have a hope that tomorrow will be a better day, no matter how bad it looks today don’t let your faith go away.

5. Avoid Over thinking – over thinking can actually destroy a person, overthnking creates problem for each solution and create negativity. With present situation its obvious to over think at time but keep a check on it as its very important for your mental well being.

6. Laugh / smile more often – Sit with your family members and keep the mood light, laugh at joke, watch comedy movies. Don’t let everything going outside affect the atmosphere of your house. Laughing and smiling can have positive impact in your over all well being.

7. Be Productive and stay Creative – An empty mind is indeed a devils workshop. Simple day to day tasks, household chorus, reading, working towards your hobby get involved in these things. Don’t keep a lot of ideal time for yourself to sit and think.

8. Stay physically Active – We tend to hold lot of stress and tension in our body in the form of tight joints and muscles so stay active do any physically activity of your interest atleast alternate days may be dance, zumba, yoga or anything. Walking around the house playing with your kids. Just try and stay physically active.

9. Meditate – If your feel low or even if you feel ok practice mindfulness, kind of mental exercise which can be done any time any where. Give your self just 10 minutes in a day, clear out your thoughts and sit with your quite mind.

10. List out 10 positive point – If someone ask you to list 10 negative from present you will point 50. For a change list 10 positive from it in your personal life I am sure you will be able to to begin with the very first thing you woke up healthy to see another day.


By :

Ankita Sinha

Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor

Clinical and Diabetic Nutrition Expert

Insta : ankitayoga_fittr

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