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होली जीवन के उल्लास का प्रतीक है

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Spread the loveहोली फाल्गुन की पूर्णिमा को आती है, जो चंद्र कैलेंडर की आखिरी पूर्णिमा है; भारत में इस कैलेंडर को माना जाता है। फाल्गुन जीवन के फल की ओर…


Electronic Appliances & Gadgets

Do’s and Don’ts of using Truly Wireless Earphones

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Spread the loveIf you’ve quite recently obtained a sparkling new set of Bluetooth earphones, you’ll need to take great care of them. Taking care of the cans that give you…

Air Pollution in Begusarai: Overview and Current AQI Data

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Spread the loveAir pollution is a major environmental problem that affects the health and well-being of people around the world. In Begusarai, a city in the state of Bihar in…


Elaine Thompson-Herah:GO,FLOW ELAINE!

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Spread the loveElaine Thompson-Herah broke Florence Griffith Joyner’s 33-year-old Olympic record in the women’s 100m, pointing at the scoreboard even before crossing the line in 10.61 seconds to defend her…


Biryani ATM: Chennai-Based Start-Up Launches India’s First Biryani Takeout Outlet

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Spread the loveWhen you think of the food equivalent of an ATM, it is likely that the image of a vending machine pops up in your mind. Mass-manufactured, packaged foodstuffs…